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How trends in fashion repeat themselves (Essay Sample)

Due date is friday, december 9th. Id liked it by Thursday. Please explain the different past fashion tends and when they have repeated themselves possibly whany time era and locations. source..
Running head: FASHION TRENDS REPEAT THEMSELVES Fashion Trends Repeat Themselves Name: Institution: Instructor`s Name: Course: Abstract The belief is that fashion repeats itself, and as research has proven fashion is not completely repeated but is modified depending on the fabric, accessories and style of the trend. Fashion repetition cannot be said to be the lack of innovation but rather it is an innovation in itself, as designers come up with ways of satisfying social needs of association and imitation. Therefore, fashion will be continually be repeated over cycles of decades, years or five years as trends follow economic, social and cultural preferences. Fashion Trends Repeat Themselves Fashion has come along from the era of petticoats and top hats. Trends in fashion are currently changing very fast with undoable trends in the past becoming common place. Mean while, the use of fabrics like lycra and polyester which had a novelty value has now becoming a basic occurrence. Fashion designers are currently aggressively looking for fabrics and fashions that provide that provide the needed functionality while looking innovative (Bagaria, 2011). For this reason, the trend in today`s fashion market is the combination of technology and fashion. However, the future of fashion is not only limited by functionality and innovation, but several factors determine our choice of fashion. First and foremost, the definitive facto for future trends is repetitive fashion cycles or trends in fashion which repeat themselves, economic trends, social influences and technology (Bagaria, 2011). Therefore, by considering these factors it is evident that with fashion anything is possible. This research seeks to consider the repetitive aspect of fashion trends, and why and how fashion repeats itself. Despite the progress that has been made in the fashion industry, we often tend to look back in time for inspiration. This trend is very prevalent today as fashion designers revive popular fashion from the past. In today`s market, old school fashion is made up of fashion from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, and is often brought back by the growing market of young adults and teenagers (Pesendorfer, 1995). Old school fashion trends are not only determined by clothes but are also determined by accessories, attitudes and hairstyles. There are many reasons why fashion repeats itself. Foremost, fashion is repeated because we often tend to get fascinated with the past. As the entertainment scene has proven the trend in today`s market is the viewing of old reruns of television shows from the 1960s and 1970s. This factor therefore implies that consumers are exposed and continually enjoy watching old programs and in the process adapt to behaviors from the past. By exposing ourselves to old media, we continually expose ourselves to past fashion. Examples of television programs that inspire are like Hutch, Charlie`s angels, star trek and doctor who. By wearing past fashion, people feel connected to the past which looks simple and uncomplicated like today`s world (Pesendorfer, 1995). Moreover, for a society that is driven by the desire to continually look attractive and sexy, the revival of old fashion is increasingly becoming common place. This is made so by the fact that fashion from the past was designed to fit with the body, for this reason the 1960s, 70s and 80s saw an era of tight fitting pants, shirts and designs with elaborate patterns (Johnson, 2010). Moreover, by combining these old school designs with current technology in fabrics, designers are able to come up with cooler and more comfortable clothes. Unlike the past, today`s fashion market is characterized by a mix of fashion trends. For this reason, it is common to find each yea, the market with new fashion trends from two or m...
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