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History of Terrorism (Essay Sample)

In the context of the history of terrorism, provide a detailed explanation of how the dramatic shifts in the underlying motivations of terrorists have resulted in an equally dramatic shift in terrorist organization, financing, and tactics. In addition, describe the rising needs for contingency planning at the federal, state, and local level for projected crisis scenarios. -APA Style 6th Edition -6 pages not including title page and reference page -5 References -5 in-text citations -Times New Roman Font 12pt -Title page and reference page source..
HISTORY OF TERRORISM Name: Course title: Instructor: Institution: Date Due: The word terrorism has no standard definition, but in essence, it can be referred to as those acts, which cause terror to others. Such acts are often instigated by either religious causes, ideological factors or even politics. In most of the cases, the target of these terrorists is the civilians (Chaliand, 2007). History The origin of terrorism can be traced to the time of Sicarri- Zealots in the present day Israel. Zealots were the Jewish revolutionist that was present in Judea during the first century after Christ. This group directed their terror against those who were seen cooperating with the Roman authorities. The Zealots who were great oppositionist of the Roman Empire resorted to killing or threatening those who were seen cooperating with the Roman authorities. To them, this was a form of intimidating such people and discouraging others who were in the same trend from cooperating with the Romans. Their form of terror involved intimidation and even killing those (Hoffman, 1999, p. 167). The origin of the term itself is however traced in the actions of the revolutionary group in France during the great revolution at the time. At this time around 1790s, there was a gang of revolutionists who were popularly calling themselves as the Jacobin Club. The actions of these people were so feared in the whole of that nation to the point their existence was labelled as the “reign of Terror”. When asked on why they were engaging themselves in those inhuman acts, Robespierre who was the Jacobin leader expressed to them, it was the only way left to achieve justice. Five years later when their actions were presumed as so severe, Burke Edmond the France leader at that time outlawed the Jacobin club and termed their action as causing havoc to thousands of Franc citizens(Burke,1795, 308–76). In 1850s, an Italian Citizen hulled three grenades at Napoleon III with an intention of killing h...
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