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History Of Discrimination In Yugoslavia (Essay Sample)


Link to each other and also link a country's history with current events. Several news articles are under each country.
This writing is an outline for writing a composition. One page can
According to the article I gave and the country itself wanted a topic. My assigned country is Yugoslavia, which combines the history of this country with the article I gave to think of a topic and then write an outline. According to the history of this country and the news that I gave, the author of the title looks at it as if it is not to ask questions.
For example, the topic that my classmate wanted was -
“Old Empires New Problems ”
~the area of the Balkans has been under the rule of many empires
~each empire had its own culture/religion EX/ Byzantine/ottomans


History of Discrimination in Yugoslavia
History of Discrimination in Yugoslavia
I. Introduction
A.) Discrimination in Yugoslavia goes all the way back to the year 1991. The central authority disintegrated creating chaos and in the process, Serbia took over to control the nation. As other nations declared their independence from Serbia because of its violation of human rights, the ethnic group of the Albanians remained under the rule of the Serbian government. Under this rule, Albanians faced a lot of discrimination, mistreatment, and oppression.
B.) Thesis
Due to ethnic discrimination, Albanians faced unfair dismissal from jobs, violent attacks from Serbian army, and were jailed for inconsequential political “offenses”. As a result, there exists a silent enmity between the two

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