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Final History Writing Assignment On Chinese Dynasties (Essay Sample)


Your final exam has two parts: Part I consists of essay questions that will require you to think critically and integrate many different elements of the course. Part II consists of another essay question focusing on The Golden Ass. Please choose TWO questions to answer from Part I. You are REQUIRED to answer The Golden Ass question in Part II. You should have a total of THREE essays when you are finished. Each essay should range from 500 to 800 words. You must upload your exam to our lecture UBLearns page as a single document by 11:59pm on Friday, May 19, 2017.
Please double-space your work, use 11 or 12-point font, and regular margins. Your document MUST be a .doc or .docx. If you use Open Office or some other software, save your file as a .doc or .docx. Make sure your name is at the top of every page of the document (make a header). Submit all three of your essays in one document.
Links to all Primary Sources (original written documents, not videos) eligible for the exam are hyperlinked on your syllabus. Please only use Primary Sources assigned on the syllabus between March 28, 2017 and May 11, 2017. You are required to use informal citations to acknowledge which sources you are drawing from. Use the following shorthand. Type an (@) at the end of a sentence to indicate you are citing the textbook, (*) to cite primary source readings from the syllabus and (#) to cite lectures.
Do not plagiarize or attempt to cheat. We are using the SafeAssign tool, which recognizes material copied and pasted from anywhere online, and compares your exam to every other exam your classmates submit. This is not a group assignment. You are expected to complete the midterm on your own.


Final Essay
Institution of Affiliation
Part One
Question 3: Chinese Dynasties
Historians have argued that the rule and governance of the Chinese state have been through long periods of different dynasties. These dynasties were responsible for various administrative functions in both villages and cities where most people migrated to in subsequent years. The change in power of these dynasties was vigorous and one which involved a lot of wars. It is critical to mention that there were times that China was divided into different divisions which were under the various groups, thus during those times, no particular dynasty governed it *China 11.
The first dynasty to rule in China was the Qing dynasty that took power in 1636. Historians have argued that this dynasty was not of the Chinese, but the Manchus who conquered China and took over all its activities in subsequent years. Its policies centered in a well-developed agricultural system, thus they introduced new crops from America, which saw a fast growth of the Chinese population within a short time.
The dynasties that ruled in China during those extended periods differed greatly regarding the precepts of governance, the economic aspirations, the societal affiliations and the other aspects that were identified with them. For instance, the Han Dynasty that ruled in China from 206 to 220 BCE concentrated in military prowess and efficient systems of taxation. Thus, to gain more tax from the people, this dynasty introduced more monopolies on iron and salt which has been a critical earner for China for many years. Through its military prowess, the dynasty was able to advance its boundaries towards the Yellow Valley; a land which was later used for the commercial growth of rice #China1.
The Tang dynasty, which ruled between 618 and 907 BCE opened up China to other countries through the advancement of its foreign policies. Thus, it dominated on its neighbors and expanded in trading activities to become a powerful regional bloc. Through an additional investment in the military, it was able to control most of the economic activities of the region. However, this dynasty was faced with an internal rebellion which led to the death of millions of people and its consequent dethrone from power.
The Ming dynasty ruled in the Chinese state from 1368 to 1644 following the collapse of the previous Yuan dynasty. Historians have described this dynasty as one of the most successful that brought many positive changes. It professed the philosophy of economic prowess, which it tried to accomplish through agricultural development and mining of iron; products which it was critical in raising the economic stability of the state.
Question 1: Indian Civilizations and the Mayan Civilization
The Indian and the Mayan civilizations differ significantly in many aspects because various people advanced them and they developed during different historical times. India as a country is found on the South Asian continent and drives its name from River Indus. Historians and archeologists have argued that Indian Civilizations dates back to about 5000 BCE, based on different studies that have been done on artifacts and other ancient materials @Baghavad Gita. The Indians have continued to enjoy long periods of unique history which is coupled with the existence of well-designed tools and materials that have remained uniquely among the people #India11. For instance, the planning of their cities was based on cardinal points and was built of mud.
The Indian people have also been known for their diverse religious affiliations whereby they follow different religions like Hindu, Islam and Buddhism. These beliefs influenced the daily lives of the people who believed that their gods highly punished evil. However, the adoption of these and many other minor religions by the Indian peopl...
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