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Harvey Milk (Essay Sample)


1 page for each question. 1) Describe the San Francisco Castro's transformation. What were the early days like? What was Milk's contribution to the Castro? 2) Describe the relation between the San Francisco police and the gay community in Milk's time and earlier. How did Milk use this to build support?


Harvey Milk
The gay culture is one of the practices that have for a long time been frowned at. People talk about it in hush tones for fear of being labelled as outcasts in society. The history of how the culture started, or at least publicly so, has its roots in a small place in San Francisco. It is believed that the first movement which came out publicly to admit and accept the practice was in San Francisco. Harvey Milk was one of the most vocal politicians on matters of gay culture (Shilts, 2009). He talked openly about the culture and he was the first to hold a public office despite his affiliation. This discussion looks at the San Francisco Castro's transformation and the contributions made Harvey Milk towards this movement.
San Francisco Castor’s Transformation
Castro was and still is a street in San Francisco. Back in the 70s, the Castro Street was home to a number of bars and other social places. It these social places such as The Toad Hall from where the gay movement would begin their public campaigns (Shilts, 2009). Toad Hall became a favorite joi...
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