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Haitian & France Revolution (Essay Sample)


The topic does not have the complete request, is carries on the analysis to several primary sources to write the thesis.I will upload specific documents for relevant materials and requirements.There is a document that basically covers all the requirements. don't use the citation in the article,It is ok to quote from the source, and it is ok to write the specific location (which article and page number) in parentheses after the quote. I will also upload the rating requirements, hoping to get full marks


Haitian & France Revolution
Unlike other areas, historians do depend on text evidence for their analysis and work. Although they have latterly started incorporating other materials they main source of evidence is in archives and analysis of old existing texts. This makes it easy to distort a message or confuse consumers of the message. Using texts to prove the past can at times be prone to overestimating the centrality of the same text relied upon within the past. Thus it the duty of the historian to study materials carefully as most of the scenarios did not have enough written materials and to deduce evidence from the existing ones already should be handled with due care. Based on the given texts, this paper is going to look at why historian Laurent Dubois was right to describe Haitian revolution as the event in which the assertion of human rights reached its defining climax in the age of revolution.
Haitian revolution was both a global and local event that made a true world-historical moment in a manner that individual still acknowledges today. This is not to say the other revolutions did not help assert human rights. However, the events and occurrence of the Haitian revolution are far greater, and hence Laurent Dubois referred to it as the event that led to defining climax of human rights in the age of revolution. Haitian Revolution is thought radically to have assertions of the right to have rights in human history. Even though it was intertwined with American and French revolutions, the Haitian Revolution raised some political questions. It did this in a manner that too many it was illegible and others forcibly repressed it.
Looking at the French colony of Saint Domingue was the pinnacle of the slave Atlantic system, and the Americas who had the richest plantations colonies had a racial refusal of sovereignty to the individuals. More than 90 percent of the population was enslaved, and half of these were African born and many who had arrived at the beginning of the revolution, hence they could not be considered as legal subjects legally and politically. In the Decree of General Liberty (1793, pg. 5) the members of the commission sent to Saint Domingue observes that when they arrived, they found horrible existing division among the elite whites who were on the opinion and interest of maintaining the slave system preventing any attempts of liberty. They were observed as chattel property, and a carefully institutionalized system of the law that was collective with the various forms of violent repression was used on them, and they had no right of self-autonomy. They, however, had the urge to create out of spaces autonomy within the plantations where they planted in small scale and sold to the markets. They also developed intellectual freedom

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