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The Great Depression And A Financial Crisis (Essay Sample)


Primary Source Reviews:
5 at 25 points each for a total of 125 points.
Students are required to write 5 primary source reviews using the assigned sources indicated in the syllabus. Each review should be about 1.5-3 pages in length. The review must use information from at least 2 active websites. Your goal is to place the primary source in historical context and to evaluate/interpret the source's relevance to its time period.
Guidelines for primary source evaluation:
Each review should provide an accurate description of the author's argument, appropriate biographical information about the author, and sufficient historical background for the time period in which the primary source was written. In addition to the course text, biographical information for the author and historical background for the primary source must come from 2 (or more) active web pages. Include the addresses for each web page at the end of the review, but DO NOT link the page to your document. The review should be about 1.5-3 pages in length.


Article Review
Author Name
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In the 19th century, during the Great Depression, the United States went through tough times and had to face a financial crisis. Hundreds of farmers were forced to leave their cities along with their families and were promised that they would be provided with better facilities in California. However, they found nothing but life in squalid camps, shortage of food and dirty water. Due to the fear of being starved, they used to work for pennies. It's safe to say that the consequences of the Great Depression were staggering. Numerous jobless people used to roam the streets and roads, looking for jobs, and 2,000 to 4,000 candidates applied for a single post (Crafts, & Fearon, 2016).
A Wall Street Financer, Sidney J. Weinberg, remembers the crash and shares his

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