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Response Paper About Why Were The Federalist Papers Written? (Essay Sample)


Response Paper 1: Why were the Federalist Papers written? What were the key arguments the authors used to support the form of government that they were advocating? Please include specific references to the two Federalist Papers that you have been assigned but do not include quotations; use your own words to explain the arguments of the authors.
Source material: Federalist number 10, Federalist number 51 in textbook
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Federalist Papers
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Federalist Papers
The Federalist Papers consisted of a sequence of 85 essays that urged New Yorkers to ratify the new Constitution of the United States. It was written by three people, namely John Jay, James Madison and Alexander Hamilton. The essays were at first published in newspapers in New York in the late 1780s. This paper explains why the Federalist Papers were written. The main arguments used by the authors in supporting the form of government that they advocated are also described.
The Federalist Papers were written for the purpose of getting the people of New York to approve the Constitution of the United States in the year 1787. They promoted the ratification of the Constitution. Jay, Madison and Hamilton intended to influence the vote in support of ratifying the Constitution.
The authors used various arguments in supporting the form of government that they were advocating. In Federalist Number 10, for example, James Madison asserted that partisan democracy is, in fact, not an effective way of having a satisfactory economy. Federalist Number 10 focuses on how to protect against factions, which consist of groups of people with interests that are in opposition to the interests of the entire community or to the rights of other people. James Madison asserted that a large and strong republic would be helpful in guarding against those dangers compared to smaller republics such as individual states (Federalist No. 10). According to him, there are groupings or factions of people who hold different views, beliefs and perspectives than other people. People in one part of the country do not necessarily have the same ideals as people in another part of the country. Also, the wants that one group of people desire might be unacceptable to another faction. James Madison stated that total democracy is not desirable. Therefore, he put forward a constitution that combined a democracy and a republic; a constitution in which the power is not centralized but is instead distributed to the state and local legislators, and where elections are conducted regularly throughout the country (Federalist No. 10). On the whole, James Madison in Federalist Number 10 describes how to prevent rule by majority faction and is in supportive of a big, commercial republic.
In Federalist Number 51, James Madison articulates the arguments for checks and balances in the Constitution of the United States. He claims that government is essential because men are not angels. In designing a government that would be administered by human beings over human beings, it is important to first enable that government to control the citizens, and then obligate it to control itself. The main control on the government is a reliance on the citizens (Federalist No. 51). Madison discusses the checks and balances system and defends them. Every branch of government, according to Madison, is designed in such a way that its powers will check the power of the other 2 branches of government. ...
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