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The New Look Was A Military Strategy: The Expensive Methods Of War (Essay Sample)


you should be prepared to answer questions on the following topics and issues. //Please answer the three question separately. //


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Question 2
The ‘New Look' was a military strategy in an attempt to reduce government spending in war by replacing the expensive methods of war such as the use of military men with the less costly option of using nuclear weapons. The strategy necessitated for the introduction of the use of atomic weapons in enforcing its foreign policy, such as in massive retaliation on any threats leveled by communists. On the other hand, the Mutually Assured Destruction is a doctrine that represents the change in tactical thinking from going to war to preventing it, by developing an agreement that would prevent one country from wiping out another, and the other defending itself by retaliating. Thus, leading to the devastation of both countries.
The nuclear strategy evolved in the direction of Mutually Assured Destruction after the United States realized the possibility of retaliation if they ever attacked other countries using nuclear weapons. By 1950s, both the United States and the Soviet Union had managed to advance their nuclear weapons by developing hydrogen bombs that rockets and submarines could transport and launch from a distance accurately. Additionally, the capability of the weapons making the second strike simultaneous, thereby able to inflict maximum damage, further informed the change of direction.
Question 3
According to Bernard Fall, France was defeated in the Indo-china war at the political-strateg

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