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Economic Growth in BNA Between CA. 1800 and CA. 1860 (Essay Sample)


Write a well-organized essay of 750–1000 words. Please be sure to clearly identify your essay topic at the beginning of your essay. You are expected to use relevant evidence from your Canadian History: Pre-Confederation textbook, and from the readings in Units Six to Ten. Feel free to use other articles from the Recommended Readings lists in the course or textbook.
I am uploading the text book (I couldn't split it up sorry!), relevant chapters are from 7-13, it's an easy read.
I am also uploading the readings from the course I found relevant to this topic.


Economic Growth in BNA Between CA. 1800 and CA. 1860
Economic Growth in BNA Between CA. 1800 and CA. 1860
The pre-confederate Canadian nation was a colony of the British Empire who enjoyed a wide range of profits from its occupation of the North Americas. The colony was partitioned among its European colonists, France and the British Empire, that fought for the control of the newly found lands in North America. The colony was rich with a wide range of minerals and raw materials for trade that the colonists exported to the mother countries for refinement into finished products that would be traded back to the colony. The early 19th century pre-confederation Canada had a reputation for its unmatched fur trade, fishing industry, and advanced system of transportation courtesy of its waterways and canals CITATION Bel15 \l 1033 (Belshaw, 2015). The waterways opened up the country for exploration by both the Europeans and its neighboring American traders. The period between 1800 to 1860 accounted for tremendous growth in the pre-confederation Canadian economy with a majority of the British North American merchants being the beneficiaries of the positive developments. A comprehensive analysis of some of the underlying factors behind the economic growth and the benefits accrued to the British North Americans creates an informed understanding of some of the key elements of the pre-confederation Canadian economy.
The economic growth recorded during the study period was as a result of various factors. First and foremost, the occupation of Nova Scotia by colonists from New England after the expulsion of both the Treaty of Paris and that of the Acadians led to the expansion of the fishing industry CITATION Sam99 \l 1033 (Samson, 1999). The fishing industry was one of the key economic activities of the pre-confederation Canada. The occupation of Nova Scotia by the colonists not only expanded the fisheries but also increased maritime trade as well as in the export of fur to the British motherland in England CITATION Sam99 \l 1033 (Samson, 1999). The fact that the British colonist added pre-confederation Canada to the vast British Empire served to increase the production of the raw materials found in the colony for the benefit of the foreigners. The British West Indies was the destination for the products exported from Nova Scotia and its environs CITATION Sam99 \l 1033 (Samson, 1999). The treaty of Versailles was also an underlying factor in the growth and development of the economy as the ensuing Canadian allegiance to the British colonists opened up the nation to the latter’s wide marketing destinations for its products CITATION Bel15 \

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