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Research And Describe Does Culture Matter? (Essay Sample)


you may only use the sources I provide and please follow the instruction-Anthropology 150 F2017. I pick the second question.
2. Does culture matter? Guns, Germs, and Steel addresses how western cultures came to dominate the world. In his text, however, Diamond seems to ignore why they would want to do so. Analyze the social and cultural factors that promoted European expansion and spread European culture around the world. Your discussion should include a discussion of World Systems Theory and the spread of European culture after 1400. Consider also whether Diamond's book would be better if he included a discussion of culture as well as geography (you may wish to consider Diamond's defense of his approach and the reasons why he thinks that culture is unimportant).


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Does Culture Matter?
Culture is anything that is learned, shared and transmitted from generations to generations. The elderly in the society impart customs to their youngsters because it is not something that is attained by instinct or genetic inheritance. That process of learning is called enculturation. For instance, as per the ‘Mama Theory', an infant is enculturated into the cultures that their mother practices. Subsequently, the individuals share the culture among themselves as they interact in the society. According to Diamond (1997), culture is rendered useless if not shared with others. Thus, people share the cultures within their social circles of ethnic, religious, and kin groups who possess their sub-cultures in the form of beliefs, speech, and behavior. As a result, the cultural practices are transmitted through different sources of learning such as observation, oral history, formal schools, apprenticeships and public media. Also important to note is that, culture is learned as a whole and not in isolation. That means that economic, political, religion, and social organization structures and practices are all transmitted at the same time. Ultimately, the cultures become multi-generational hence last for decades into the future (Diamond, 1997).
Culture matters because it determines various issues such as property ownership, identification, and means of interactions within the society. For example, the culture of the foraging societies leads them to lack substantial property rights because of their on-the-move lifestyle. Hence, they could not own the land rights as they did not possess it for long enough neither could they own the natural resources they utilized. More to that, it plays a role in defining the organization of families and the means of industrialism. A case scenario is the middle-class Americans and Canadia

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