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Discrimination In Canada: Class, Race, Gender, And Religion (Essay Sample)


Assignment two:
Section 1 (3-4 pages):
Imagine that you go to sleep after class tonight, and wake up tomorrow in Vancouver in 1914. Tell me about your life up to 1947. How would you cope with living in Canada for the next thirty years? How would you feel about living through this period? What would your experiences be like, and how would they be shaped by your class, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, or personal viewpoint? Would you have participated in any of the protest movements that existed in Canada over that period? This section should be three to four pages.
Section 2 (1-2 pages):
The final page of your assignment should be about your opinion. Does this history matter to you? Is it important to you today, as an international student in Canada, to know how you might have been treated in the past?
Technical details:
The paper should be a total of 4-6 pages (1000-1500 words). Depending on your chosen assignment plan, you will need to use a different number of references.


Discrimination in Canada
Discrimination in Canada
It is daybreak again and the fight continues. It is fighting to see the light, because even as the sun shines so bright on my face, apparently I am not equal enough to reflect the brilliance of the sun. I am simply an animal strolling the streets and when I can find work at the factories, I am the underdog. All this despite the fact that, I have a degree. Apparently, the Chinese do not have what it takes to even take part in the war. This is regardless of whatever efforts the Chinese put in to be recognized as equal men and women of Canada, things never change. For me and many others of color or as we are constantly referred to as, people of color, it is not a new day it is another chance to fight.
More of our brothers and other minorities are arriving in Komagata Maru as they hope that Vancouver could become their next home. However, many are being turned away crashing their dreams of a new start in life (Palmer & Driedger, 2015). For most of the immigrants, coming to Canada is a chance to find the leverage that they need in their lives. The white race considers themselves as superior to any other race that comes calling on their door. The rest of the races are considered second class citizens and as such are not accorded any rights. As a Chinese one was required to prove their worth (Siemens, 2018).
However, for a Chinese man like myself has to survive even though it not in the most expected of conditions. With the British having declared war, the white man is starting to consider the inputs that the African and the other minorities could have. It is more of a plot to make sure that the minority do not benefit from what the whites consider a Whiteman's war. This is a rather interesting turn of events even though not all the whites are in for the idea. However, for the Chinese, we can finally stand among the whites and fight a common enemy (Walker, 1985). However, this is not sunshine that I was expecting, as it turns out, I am not supposed to kill the Germans, as I do not have the privileges. What if they attack me, what then? Maybe I should count myself lucky that I am not of the German decent Japanese, East Indian or an Indian from the first nation, otherwise I would not be in these trenches (Palmer & Driedger, 2015). This rejection was short-lived, the Canadians would soon lose thousands at war in Europe and the option would enlist the labor battalions, some of whom would be stationed at Nova Scotia.
Despite the fact that many of my brothers and even the other races such as the Japanese taking part in the war efforts of the first world war, there are stereotypes that define the way that the minority are treated (Drews, 2014). This gi

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