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Describe the motivations and the consequences of our expansionism of the early 20th Century. (Essay Sample)

By the beginning of the 20th century the U.S. began to expand its involvement in world affairs. Goldman et. al (2010) states this reflected a traditional but often misguided sense of humanitarianism and mission toward U.S. concepts. Write a 2-4 page paper discussing the motivations and consequences of our growing involvement with the rest of the world. Discuss the reasons behind the new expansionism that characterized US foreign policy in the 1890s? Not copy and paste information. source..
Describe the Motivations and the Consequences of Our Expansionism of the Early 20th Century Student Name Institute Date Describe the Motivations and the Consequences of Our Expansionism of the Early 20th Century Since the starting of 20th century, the course of history started to change rapidly. World turning events like the World Wars, the Great Depression, the beginning of Cold War and rise of America as sole super power took place within the first half of this century. This is the time when scientific accomplishments were revolutionary, changing every aspects of our life. Political re-modifications were engaged in almost every corner of the world and America was very successful in adapting new political views according to the requirement of the new century. The most crucial time for America was the 1890s when it made significant changes in political decisions; especially in foreign policies which later led toward becoming the super power. Up until the last decade of the nineteenth century, the foreign policy of Untied States evolved around the principle of George Washington that suggested maintaining minimal political relation with a foreign country and the relationship should be strictly commercial. Event...
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