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Debate between Federalists and Anti-Federalists (Essay Sample)


Paper must have citations and bibliography. 
Analyze the debate between the Federalist and Anti-Federalists. Be sure to incorporate specific references to relevant parts of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Essay must 1.) explains the major issues on each side; 2.) adopts a clear thesis in support of one of the positions; and 3.) analyzes the effectiveness of the Federalists' and Anti-Federalists' leaders. Should have proper citation and bibliography. NO online encyclopedias.


Federalism and Anti-Federalism debates have raged in the United States since times in
memorial. These two factions have shaped the political, economic and social history of the people of the United States of America. The two sides bitterly disagreed on serious matters as regards the Constitution as well as the bill of rights.
The Federalists
The federalists focused their squabble on the inadequacy of the national government. The national government machinery at that time was weak hence the urgent need to address this shortfall. The Constitution of the day vested too much power in state governments at the expense of the central administration. They were also inclined towards commerce and a vibrant economy, unlike anti-federalists. They believed that, it was only through a strong a central government that economic growth would be fostered. Their vision of the new country was more pluralistic than the vision of anti-federalist. They wanted a nation that was not principally made up of a farmer, but instead dreamt of a country with vast, different and competing interest and groups. Many scholars held that the Federalists had the interests of the American people at heart. Trade and industry, and social revolution of the U. S society was only promised by the federal system (,
Federal papers, a famous compilation of 85 essays by James Madison, John Hay, and Alexander Hamilton distributed throughout the ratification debate contributed a lot in the political philosophy of America. These papers contain the central ideologies of federalists.
These papers explained the benefits of a united states (Union between the states), the difficulty with the confederation, the significance of a vigorous and efficient centralized government and a defense of the proposed new constitution. They argued that state governments were weak and vulnerable to external and internal dissensions such as, civil wars and foreign invasion (, 2015).
The Federalists wanted to ratify the confederation article which in their view was the stem of the weaknesses of the national government. Therefore, a constitution was the only way of protection the independence and liberty that the American people had gained. The federalist revolution was a new political philosophy in North America that spearheaded defending social gains and freedom of the revolution. James Madison, a legendarily federal leader, once said “the Constitution was premeditated to be a Republican therapy for a malady most incumbent in republican governments ’’.
The Federalist cause was surely unstoppable. At the end of the tussle, they carried the day, thanks to their well-chosen name and innovative and ground-breaking political plan. The support of Benjamin Franklin along with George Washington who were the only celebrated leaders of that time was a big blow to anti-federalists. Their cause was well funded, well organized and they careful and tactfully exploited the use of printed word. Most publishers and newspapers of the day supported the federal doctrine. They published numerous pamphlets and articles that popularized the central government gospel in all corners of the states (Breton, 2010).
Convincing the undecided bit of American people was the greatest challenge that the movement faced. They had to explain these people; that democracy and stronger central government machinery was the only way the nation could thrive.
The Anti-federalist
This coalition had diverse people who acrimoniously opposed any ratification /amendment of the constitution. This movement opposed the formation of U.S federal government and later constitution ratification in 1788. Their movement was less well organized compared to the federalists but bragged of the impressive backin...
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