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1950s Cu1950s Culture: Conformity vs. Rebellion Essay (Essay Sample)


1950s Culture: Conformity vs. Rebellion Essay
For this next topic, we will be exploring the culture of the 1950s and debating whether
it was a time of conformity or rebellion. As a class, we will analyze a series of primary
sources from the 1950s to help us determine what life was really like during this time
period. After our discussions, you will write a 3-5 page thesis-driven essay answering
the following question:
Historians often portray the decade of the 1950s as a time of prosperity, consensus, and conformity.
Do you agree with this assessment?
Your paper must include the following:
1. Discussion of conformity vs. rebellion
2. Clear and direct thesis statement that responds to essay question
3. At least 3-4 references to secondary sources
4. Analysis of at least 5-6 primary sources
5. Title
6. Last Name & Page Numbers (in top right hand corner)
7. Introduction and Conclusion
Secondary Source Readings—Posted on class page
• Cold War Culture Reading
• Cold War Culture Documentary (10min—26) (https://www(dot)learner(dot)org/series/biographyofamerica/prog23/transcript/index.html)
• The Fifties (pages 4-11)
Primary Sources—All sources that we discuss in class will be posted on the class
page. If is your responsibility to take notes on them as we discuss them in class.
One of the essay requirements is to analysis at least 5-6 primary sources. I uploaded some of the screen shots of the primary sources we discussed in class. Can you let me know which 5 sources do you want and I can download and send to you? Thank you.


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1950s Culture: Conformists versus Rebellion and Progress
Over the past decades, there have been sequences of debates as to whether the 1950s was the period of conformity or rebellion. People in the United States were experiencing changes in the perception of the communism and anticommunism idea from within the country and other regions such as the Korea, Soviet, and Germany. People reacted differently to the changes and thus the possibility of the diverse views on the main idea of communism. The individual-specific perspectives or favorites back then can help in determining the course of the culture of the Americans in 1950 as either rebellions or Conformists. The challenge came immediately after the conclusion World War 2 and in the wake of a lively Cold War. It was a hard time for the community because it was experiencing the sociocultural and economic renaissance which was very crucial in rebuilding the nation. This paper explains that the efforts by communists to influence communism were not enough and that the 1950s culture was rebellion.
The first time the com

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