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Counterinsurgency (Essay Sample)

I will need the following completed: 1. An Argumentive Outline 2. An Essay on the topic that is on page 3. Disregard page 5 as that was the old example of the arguementative essay. It is not the correct format. Please use the topic that is displayed on page 3 but provide 3 main points and 2 to 3 supporting points along with a counterpoint and conclusion for the Argumentative outline. I will provide audio scripts from the lesson in my course. Please feel free to use other references to support the paper. source..
Title: Counterinsurgency
Date Due:
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Counterinsurgency PAGEREF _Toc288379372 \h 3The Philippine insurrection PAGEREF _Toc288379373 \h 4Cuban Counterinsurgency PAGEREF _Toc288379374 \h 4A.The policy of attraction PAGEREF _Toc288379375 \h 4a)Intelligence drives operations PAGEREF _Toc288379376 \h 4b)Financial support PAGEREF _Toc288379377 \h 5c)Transfer of power from the insurgents to the local populace PAGEREF _Toc288379378 \h 5B.Unity of effort is key PAGEREF _Toc288379379 \h 6a)Senates support PAGEREF _Toc288379380 \h 7b)Unity between locals and Americans PAGEREF _Toc288379382 \h 7c)General Chang Ting-chen of Mao Zedong`s committee PAGEREF _Toc288379384 \h 7C) Counterinsurgents must understand the Environment PAGEREF _Toc288379386 \h 7D) Insurgents Must be Isolated from Their Cause and Support PAGEREF _Toc288379387 \h 8a)Delinking insurgents form their source of weapons. PAGEREF _Toc288379388 \h 8b)Delinking funding PAGEREF _Toc288379390 \h 9Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc288379392 \h 9References PAGEREF _Toc288379393 \h 10
Counterinsurgency and insurgency are complex warfare subsets. Urbanization, technological advancement, globalization and extremists who commit suicide attacks for their own cause have influenced contemporary divergence. However, conflict in the 21st century is not any different for the characteristics it exhibited in ancient. Insurgency and also it tactics are as old at the warfare itself. According to joint doctrine, insurgency is a movement organized and seeking to topple a constitutional government by using armed violence and subversion. In a nutshell, it is an organized and protracted politico-military war that is aimed at weakening the legitimacy and control of a government thus taking over power and propagating their control. Counterinsurgency is a paramilitary, military, psychological, economical, civic and political actions which are taken by an incumbent government to defeat insurgency.
Throughout history, the US has employed the policy of chastisement in defeating insurgents and also the policy of attraction so as to win the loyalty of the local populace. They have always been changing tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) so as to win over the dynamic enemy. It has in many cases issued out food and water, rebuild infrastructure and even provide public services so as no only to win over the local populace`s loyalty but also show that US is there in good faith.
Most conflicts have good and bad results. The Cuban counterinsurgency and Philippine insurrection were overally successful because of the use the policies of attraction and chastisement. Was is a worthy course for to sacrifice US soldiers lives so as to aid Cuba gain its independence? The US Military was able to beat the less equipped Philippine and army. What was their success in defeating them and compelling them adhere to US policies? These are the sixty thousa...
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