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The Compromises Of The 1800s In Regards To Slavery (Essay Sample)


What were some of the compromises of the 1800s in regards to slavery? What were they, and were they effective? Did this prolong or shorten the path to the Civil war?


Slavery in the 1800’s
The Louisiana Purchase of 1803 was one of the compromises of the 1800s that enhanced the growth of the slave trade. The purchase doubled the American territory’s size which meant there was enough land for slaves to live and work. Also, this meant a high demand for workers, to maintain the large territory. Moreover, the south supported the spread of the slavery institution. The Missouri Compromise of 1820 also dictated Missouri as a slave state by requesting an admission to the slavery Union. As a slave trade state, Missouri was able to freely trade in slaves which led to the spread of the slave trade. In addition, the growth of the demand and prices for cotton in America drove the search for more land and workers. Slaves provided free labor with the firms making huge profits at a minimized production cost. In 1793, there was an invention of the cotton gin leading to an expansive growth demanding slaves to cultivate the cotton fields. In the south, slave trade became a major economic activity. Hence, the slave population grew from 10,000 to 45,000 between 1810 and 1830 CITATION Fre18 \l 1033 (Douglas, 2018).
Also, America’s win in the Mexican-American war in 1846 led to the expansion of the United States territory by a third. Similar to the Louisiana incidence, America opened its borders to slavery. Consequently, the existence of laws such as the Fugitive Slave Act that provided for the 1850 compromise in slave trade s...
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