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Comparison Essay Between Iran And Russia (Essay Sample)


Please write a comparison essay between Iran and Russia. Please write the resemblance and the difference of both country in different areas. For example: Political Structure, Head of the state, Civilians' daily life, Freedom of speech, relationship with eastern countries, international influences,


Comparison between Iran and Russia
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It is widely known that Russia and Iran are highly pragmatic allies. The Russian-Iranian alliance has never been positive since Russia had colonial interests in Iran and its only the Christian power to have attempted and succeeded, occupying a part of Iran in modern history. However, today, their relationship has been solidified by economic and military objectives for both nations (Geranmayeh, & Liik, 2016). The paper will highlight the similarities and differences between these two nations. This will be achieved in terms of analyzing their cultures, government structures, their freedom of speech policies and also their relationships with other countries.
The Iranian attitudes are highly contradictory whereby most Iranians are pious Muslims, however; this nation is a Shi'ism state, especially due to their ancient Persian culture which is an important component of the Iranian identity. Their religious establishment is viewed with numerous criticisms and suspicion as most clerics have been perceived as corrupt (Rahimieh, 2015). This attitude is highly similar to the Russian attitudes towards religion, especially the Orthodox religion. This religion is considered an integral part of the Russian identity, however, at the same time; numerous citizens have shown disdain concerning the establishment of clerics.
Russia, however, combines the power of secular government with religious power. To some extent, this is sometimes done in Iran in which the religious establishment and the state are intertwined. This is clear, especially due to their censorship policies against any publications from the media or activists that may undermine Islamic laws (Rahimieh, 2015). Iran is entirely subservient to their Supreme Leader who is the most essential politician in the entire state.
Both Russia and Iran perceive themselves as a multiethnic state with a dominant culture. The nations cannot afford to be completely ethnic and therefore, they have focused on limiting ethnic nationalism. Iranian nationalism has been promoted by religious and government officials since it inclusively supports all religions in Iran (Geranmayeh, & Liik, 2016). However, this component is accompanied by numerous restrictions.
Structure of Government
In Russia, the constitution provides strong powers for the president. The president has a wide authority towards issuing directives and decrees that have the force of law without any legislative evaluations. However, the constitution notes that the legislative branch must not contravene the document or other laws (White, Sakwa, & Hale, 2014). The Prime Minister is also appointed by the President which must be approved by the Duma, which is first-in-line towards the presidency in case anything happens to the president such as the president's death or resignation.
The State Duma is the lower house of the Russian Federal Assembly, which is highly powerful as it creates and approves all bills even those proposed by the Federation Council. However, in regards to the resignation of the president, the powers of this Assembly are highly limited. It can express a vote of no confidence in the government only by the majority vote and also, the president has powers to disregard the vote. White, Sakwa, & Hale, (2014) stated that the Russian Judiciary performs all judicial review and also has an appellate jurisdiction which can only be handled by the Supreme Court. Additionally, all judges are appointed by the Federation Council only at the discretion of the Russian President.
Iran's structure of government is entirely different from that of Russia. For Iran, the Supreme Leader ...

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