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Comparing Ancient Male Rulers Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


Topic: Comparing Ancient Male Rulers. Take any two (2) of these rulers and write an essay comparing them: Ramses II, Shihuangdi, Constantine, Ashoka, Pericles, or Charlemagne. Select rulers from different cultures. You may also propose (for approval or not) a ruler not listed. Avoid lengthy quoting or lengthy close paraphrasing from biographical sources. Make it YOUR comparative analysis. Your paper should:
a) Compare the two (2) rulers in terms of their situation and methods of rule and their apparent ideals and practices, noting similarities and differences. Use specific examples.
b) Consider what your study suggests about the cultures over which they ruled, identifying any similarities and differences between the cultures.
c) From this comparison, suggest lessons about different types of effective leadership in the world of modern business and / or modern politics.
Establish a clear thesis about your topic as part of the introductory paragraph (often the thesis is the last thing one determines after doing the basic research and outline; however it will be placed in the first paragraph of your paper).
This is a comparative essay. Comparison approached properly will require some critical thinking on your part. Use a point-by-point approach for the essay. That means, if comparing subject A with subject B, don't do the first half of the essay on subject A and then the second half on subject B--that will seem like two (2) separate essays and comparisons will tend to get lost. Instead, you should be mentioning both subjects in most of your paragraphs as you compare them throughout the essay. Comparisons will identify similarities as well as contrasts.
Do not try to do everything on your two (2) subjects. You should end up narrowing your focus to a few insights and issues about the subjects being compared. And, from those fairly specific points of comparison, you will develop a thesis and glean some lessons.
Follow closely the instructions below for your specific topic.
Include a concluding paragraph at the end. This paragraph will, in some way, refer back to the thesis established in your first paragraph, since now you have demonstrated and supported it. It may be here that you also include your observations relating your study to the modern workplace or society (see your topic). Try to finish with flair!
Use at least three (3) good quality academic sources, with one (1) source being the class text


Comparing Ancient Male Rulers
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Ancient leadership was taken with a lot of seriousness in the society. The manner in which a leader led their people and their achievements determined whether they were to be remembered down in history (Zulu, 2015). This paper considers the case of Ramses 2 and Pericles in regard to the achievements that they had, the type of leadership styles used and other differences and similarities expressed in the ruling of the two leaders.
In regard to the leadership styles used, Ramses 2 was appointed a leader at the age of fourteen years by his father. He led the people of Egypt in recovering some of their territories that had been taken by the Nubians and ensured that the Egyptian borders were secure. Therefore, this means that his aim for power was to ensure the safety and the comfortability of the Egyptians. He was a leader that loved developments because he spent his first years of leadership in building cities, monuments, and temples. This was done to boost the economy of the Egyptians. On the other hand, Pericles was also a great ruler an on several occasions; he led his people into fighting the Peloponnesian war. This is an indication of a leader that had the interests of the people at hand. In addition, he believed in the people's talents in regard to art and literature. Pericles is the reason as to why Athens holds the best reputation when it comes to the Ancient Greek education and culture (Hirsch, 2016). He was also focused on developing the economy of the Greek people by leading in the development of the project that has one of the strongest structures in Acropolis. These structures provided beauty to the city and offered job opportunities to the people. Therefore, the two leaders exhibited similar leadership styles of minding the interests of the people that they led. Their mode of leadership is still followed in the current world, and they are considered to an example of great rulers.
Also, in terms of the cultures that they ruled, there are various similarities and differences between the culture of Egypt and that of Greek. Both cultures are among the oldest known civilians in history and therefo

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