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Civil War and African American: How did the War Changed DC? (Essay Sample)


Double space , 12 folic type , answer all questions Write a two pgae essay on Discussing the various ways that people reated to PEARL Affair , How do abolition & pro salavery advocates different in the way the describe the Affair ? Answer this question separate 1.) what the Snow riot and the Pearl incident in class ?
2.) How did the DC Council alter the city's Black codes after , the Snow riot, the Pearl Afair and the end of the salvery trade in DC
3.) In what ways did the Civil War put DC in danger ?
4.)How did the War changed DC ?
5.) How did the War emmarcipation impact DC's African American Community?
6.) How did the policies / laws enacted during Reconstruction impact African American in DC ?
7.) What was life in DC in the years immediately folowling the War?


Civil War and African American
Institutional Affiliation:
The American Civil War that occurred between 1830 and 1860 known as the War between States was a force to reckon with considering the fact that this war was American's way of gaining independence and its prosperity that is currently seen(Comminey, 2015). It is centrally essential to mention that the white people did not participate in this Civil War with many of the blacks that participated in the war losing their lives. The Snow Rio in this case resulted from the tensions and the fears that the white people had on the blacks who fought during the period of the civil war.
During this period, several black-owned businesses, institutions, and churches were burnt in retaliation of their fears. After this war, this country turned out to be the home and motherland to different origins, colors and nations. People who also wanted the inclusion of slave trade within the society took advantage of this period; however, the criticism from congress shunned these activities(Comminey, 2015). This paper therefore seeks to conduct a study on the civil war and the Africans Americans involvement.
The Snow Riot and the Pearl Incident
The Snow Riot that occurred in 1830 when a mob of angry white laborers stormed and vandalized one of the restaurants that was operated by one of the free blacks with this act considered as negligible(Comminey, 2015). Another riot is considered to have taken place in 1848 in which Daniel Drayton engaged in helping some of the slaves escape through a small ship that was called the Pearl. Out of these actions, the white mobs threatened the lives of many individuals including Gamaliel Bailey.
DC Council Alter the City's Black Code
During the mid-19th century, a quarter of the residents at DC were considered to be blacks with close to 2000 of these people being slaves. During this period, it was unusual to see slave traders chained on their ankles and wrist being imported or exported to the District (Moore, & Neal, 2010). The Franklin and Armfield Company were considered as one of the slave trading companies in the country. There were additional slaveholding pens that were used for trading in the city center that were popularly known for slave auctioning.
After 1830 these slave trades in DC received constant attacks by the northern abolitionists. This capital was the only station that held slaves in the United States where the authority and responsibility of the Federal Government allowed these actions (Moore, & Neal, 2010). However, in 1830, congress was attacked with several petitions against these acts of slavery with demands that this aspects needed to be abolished. Congress however resisted these pressures and the efforts of the existing president of America who ensured that this issue was kept abbey.
These moves were therefore forfeited until the local a...
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