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Champion Policies To Help Promote Cohesion Among The People (Essay Sample)


You have just finished college and landed a job as a presidential advisor. What is the single most important recommendation about the future of the country that you would make to a new, incoming president? Your advice should not be directed at a specific president, but focus on what you see as important trends in the future that need attention. Explain your advice.


History Module 8 Discussion
History Module 8 Discussion
Champion policies to help promote cohesion among the people.
With every passing election, it feels and seems like the people drift apart even further. An election is supposed to be an opportunity for people to compare their policies and agendas for the country. It should be a platform for potential leaders of the country to compare their notes and explain themselves to the people. It should also be a platform where issues, directly and indirectly, affecting the people should be discussed and solutions for the save compared. However, over the years, we have managed to turn elections into competitions between people and not policies and ideas of making our surrounding and the world better. Elections have turned bloody in some places while in others, people who initially were friendly and neighborly have become enemies. Permanent divisions are developing, and these will indeed be hard to repair if and when we decide to take our time and mend them. From history, these divisions never bear good things, and if people who live in the same place are divided, the end is always bloody and chaotic.
I believe in a country where people live not for themselves but their fellow countrymen. A nation where everyone can claim to be

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