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The Caribbean Island Nation of Jamaica: The West Indies (Essay Sample)


Your presentation about Jamaica will explain dimensions, characteristics, values, language(s), etcetera, based on our course concepts. These can include characteristics and dimensions such as: power orientation, individualistic/collectivism, language(s), nonverbal norms, orientation to age, gender identities, sexual orientation (inclusive or not?), religion, cuisine, marriage and family composition, orientation to physical ability, education systems, high/low context, high/low uncertainty avoidance, orientation to time, inclusion of co-cultures, technology use, pop culture, clothing, housing, professions, . You cannot cover it all in this short time, so focus on a few of these. Though brief, we should come away with a good idea of values, practices, and perspectives and how they are lived out in this culture.
Finally, your presentation will tell us a little about the relationship of your chosen country with the United States ~ what are the differences between the two? What is the relationship like? Is one nation being dominated or oppressed, or are they equal allies? Do they interact at all? What is the history? Are there areas of conflict? Is there a good future ahead?
below here are my ideas which am going talk about in my slides so you can use this information to write.Also add more.
•Jamaica is an island in the West Indies, 90 mi south of Cuba. 
•Population of the island is about 2,930,050 people
•Independent from the British in 1962
•Capital: Kingston
•Prime minister: Andrew Holness 
•The United States established diplomatic relations with Jamaica in 1962 following its independence from the United Kingdom. 
•The United States and Jamaica maintain strong and productive relations, based on trust and mutual interest.
• This close friendship is built on a foundation of people-to-people ties and a vibrant Jamaican-American community. 
•The United States and Jamaica foster prosperity and stability for both countries within the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI).
Olympic Winner:
•In 1988, Jamaica became the first tropical country to enter a Winter Olympic event. It was the bobsled event. 
•The movie, Cool Runnings, tells the story of the Jamaica’s first foray into the Winter Olympics. 
•Only the United States has won more Olympic and World medals than Jamaica.
Religion: voodoo
•African slaves imported to Jamaica brought their own form of religion, Obeahism. 
•Obeahism is a form of voodoo that is still practiced on the island. 
•However, it is kept quiet, since the practice of Obeahism is punishable by death. 
•People who practice this form of voodoo believe that the Obeah man can use evil spirits to bring good or bad luck to others
if you have questions email me thanks.


The Caribbean island nation of Jamaica is part of the West Indies with a population of 2,930,050. Since the country gained independence from Britain in 1962, English has been the official language, but people also converse in Patois, which is English based Creole with influences from African languages (CIA, 2014). African influence is also visible in the form of religion with belief in Voodoo accepted in some quarters, but practiced secretly. In foreign affairs, the U.S has established diplomatic ties with Jamaica since 1962, but the U.S exerts more influence on Jamaica since it is a superpower. There is a growing Jamaican- American community in the, and this has improved relations between the two countries There are differences with the US with Jamaicans mainly been a collectivist society favoring commitment to group members unlike the U.S which is an individualistic society.
The collectivism power orientation explains the societal rather than individual characteristics, to people who identify with groups. Individualism and collectivism affects the way people relate and conduct businesses, since there are loose connections in individualistic societies like the U.S. are fiercely independent and people. On the other hand, the role to the extended family plays a crucial role in peoples relationships in cohesive groups. People also express their pride and loyalty in organization sand groups in societies that are collectivist such as Jamaica. This explains differences in social behavior between the two countries, where duties and obligations are behavioral determining factors in Jamaica compared to needs and attitudes in the U.S.
The majority of Jamaicans are descended from Africans (92.1%), but there are also mixed race and East Indian populations, brought to the Islan...
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