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Assignment 1: Comparative Design Paper History Essay (Essay Sample)


Assignment request I will put it on. Which is more important is that the pictures! It need to be larger picture with 150DPI!


WWW.YORKVILLEU.CA DIDH312: ASSIGNMENT 1 1 Assignment 1: Comparative Design Paper • 20% of final grade • Must be submitted by 11:30pm ET on Day 7 of Unit 5 CIDA Standards 4a) Students are aware that building technology, materials, and construction vary according to geographic location. 4b) Student work demonstrates understanding of how social, economic, and cultural contexts inform interior design. 4d) The interior design program provides exposure to the current and relevant events that are shaping contemporary society and the world. 4e) The interior design program provides exposure to a variety of cultural norms. 9a) Students are able to effectively distill and visually communicate data and research. 9c) Students are able to effectively express ideas in written communication. 9e) Students are able to effectively apply a variety of communication techniques and technologies appropriate to a range of purposes and audiences. 9f) The interior design program provides opportunities for students to develop active listening skills in the context of professional collaboration. 10a) Students understand the social, political, and physical influences affecting historical changes in design of the built environment. 10b) Students understand significant movements, traditions, and theories in interior design. 10d) Students understand significant movements, traditions, and theories in architecture. Objectives • To analyze the impact of Society and Design on each other • To understand the role and influence of architecture in society Description Each era of history has demonstrated its major preoccupations in its built works. Through case studies, students are asked to analyze buildings from two different architectural periods and focus on how society, culture, people and architecture interrelate. WWW.YORKVILLEU.CA DIDH312: ASSIGNMENT 1 2 Instructions 1. Choose one building built in each these two different time periods: • BC era • during the AD/CE era, • Rural and/or urban areas from each selected period. 2. Using Word, or a comparable text editor, produce a case study for each building/period that will include information on both the interior and exteriors of each chosen building. In each case study you must: • Include a photo of the building, min. 150 DPI • Include the following information: o Brief introduction about the building o Architectural characteristics o Brief overview of the products and materials used o Brief overview of any distinct construction methods o Building’s function o Culture of people 3. For each case, beyond the physical characteristics of each building and society, research and find the relationship between the design of the buildings and the culture of people in the society that built them. For this analysis: • Consider the elements and principles of design, structure, interior decoration, architectural details of the selected buildings • Try to determine the reasons for using the particular methods of design used for each building • Investigate the role that the building played in the society 4. Write the conclusion to your analysis describing how the case studies compare to each other and the result of the role of cultural and society on the design of each particular case. This analysis should be a major part of your assignment. 5. All research must be properly resourced with a reference page and APA citation and formatting rules followed. Your paper should be 5-6 pages in length. 6. Include a footer at the bottom of each page (except the title page) including the assignment name, page name and your name. 7. Save it as a .doc or .docx file. Submission Print the document to PDF, using the following file naming convention: DIDH312_Assignment1_yourlastname_yourfirstname.pdf WWW.YORKVILLEU.CA DIDH312: ASSIGNMENT 1 3 Evaluation The following rubric indicates those areas you should be focusing on as you prepare your assignment. Activity/Competencies Demonstrated Grade 1 Quality of Research/Content (50%) Clearly communicates understanding of the material Accuracy and quality of the analysis Use of key terms and vocabulary In-depth research Critical Thought/Analysis Completeness and precision of information 2 Relevance of case studies (30%) a. Connections to each society and culture b. Comparative elements c. Complexity of conclusion 3 Organization and Presentation (20%) Spelling, grammar, and composition Creativity in presenting information Use of APA citation and formatting Total /100


Assignment 1: Comparative Design Paper
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Figure 1
The Parthenon is a temple made up of marble, built between 447 and 432 B.C, located in Athens, Greece. This building was made by the Ancient Greek during the height of the Greek empire, dedicating this building to their Greek goddess, Athena (Neils, 2013). Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, war, and arts and literature. This temple, built in dedication of her, symbolized wealth, power, and the high culture of Athens. It also holds the Greek’s religion, showcasing festivals for Ancient Greece. The Pathenon is the largest and most elegant temple in the Mainland of Greece during those years and up until this day still remains as a symbol of the great empire.
Pericles was the Greek statesman who was given the recognition leading the Greeks with the construction and design of the Parthenon. Greek architects named Ictinus and Callicrates, including the skilled sculptor Phidias designed the Parthenon into the largest Doric-style temple during its time. The foot base of this large and elegant structure is 23,000-square foot, having a rectangular-shaped floor plan. The base also holds a part of the limestone foundation which belonged to the old Parthenon. The steps surrounding the building are low

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