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Bolivar - High-Ranking Member Of The Spanish Kingdom (Essay Sample)



- To summarize and connect "Bolivar" to what we have learned in class and/or your life using scenes and quotes from the book.

- Use scenes and quotes from the beginning, middle, and end of the novel. Quotes should connect as support for your statements.

- You should use at least 3-4 quotes and or scenes minimum. MLA proper citation

- Should be about 4 full pages

- You should have a tutor look at the essay before you submit it to make sure it fulfills the requirements. Take this prompt to the tutor so they know what was asked of you.


Your thesis should include: your opinion on the book; how the book made you feel or think, how you have seen the truth in the book and or in your life, the lesson you liked most, and what the book offers to students.


Response Essay: "Bolivar"


- identify the book, author, and some information about the book

- summarize its main point in one to three sentences

- mention some ideas and topics you will be focusing on

- thesis / opinion / response


TS: "Bolivar" demonstrates ___________.

- describe or use a scene or a quote

- how have you seen this idea play out in your life or in someone (be specific) that you know or read about thus far in class?


TS: During my life's journey I have seen how __________ like in "Bolivar" is true.

- Explain the value or lesson in your life that is also in "Bolivar."

- use a scene or quote from "Bolivar."

- discuss how this has made me a better person or changed your view/attitude


TS: I really liked the lesson of ___________ in "Bolivar."

- describe the scene of the quote

- why did you like this?

- how does this serve your life? 


TS: As a student I see how "Bolivar" can teach _________ and _______ to other students.

- describe what "Bolivar" can teach students about history or...

- use scenes or quotes

- explain how you have seen this in action in your life.

P6: Conclusion

- Restate your Thesis*

- give your recommendation on the novel: who should read it (elementary? jr high? high schoolers? adults?) when in their life should people read this book?

- answer: I will remember most about this book ____________.  I like the quote ____________. I will loan my copy of the book to__________ because _______________ 

points will be given for:

-proper MLA


-following directions

-using proper quotes and scenes

-grammar and mechanics

- being on time


1783 is an action-packed year where a number of exciting events take place. Notably, in the temperate city of Caracas the youthful and affluent family of Doña María de la Concepción Palacios y Blanco and Colonel Don Juan Vicente de Bolívar are blessed with a bouncing baby boy on the morning of July 24, whom they name after his ancestor, Simón de Bolívar who emigrated from Spain as a high-ranking representative of the Spanish kingdom. The baby is their fourth born. In a life of aristocracy and opulence, Simon is raised by a nursemaid, Hipólita because his mother is ailing from a disease, then commonly known as Consumption, the later day tuberculosis. (Arana p. 19)

Simón de Bolívar, the great grandfather accompanies Diego Osorio as his assistant in 1588 when the latter is commissioned as the governor of the island of Venezuela. He, later on, becomes a trusted agent of the crown and initiates progressive development initiatives for both personal gains and for his master. (Arana p. 20)

After the death of his father, Don Juan Vicente, Simon is brought up by a Spanish dean of the college of lawyers named Sanz until he gets to about nine years old when his mother dies, leaving him and his siblings under maternal relatives ‘care.

Although the stroke of bad luck goes on to claim the lives of his parents, grandparents and several uncles and aunts within the first decade of his life, young Simon’s sense of right and wrong is always on especially during the insurrections against the local Spanish administration among his own Creole population as well as the mixed colored slaves in pursuit of liberty. He undergoes a tumultuous childhood mostly without formal education because of the tumultuous hosting and ill-treatment he receives from his guardian uncle Don Carlos prompting the courts to come to his rescue in order for the young Bolivar to regain focus on his studies. At the age of 15, he takes a voyage to Spain where he would acquire some education under the tutelage of Marquis of Ustáriz, a native of Caracas and an old family friend (Arana p.41)

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