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The Significance of the Black History Month (Essay Sample)


Write a 1 page essay in which discusses your views on Black history month, are you for it or against it? Why?

The Significance of the Black History MonthNameInstitution
The Significance of the Black History Month
Although opinions on why the Black History Month was, and is specifically celebrated in February, the shortest month of the year, are divided, history links it to the birthdays of two iconic American Presidents, Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. They are considered the most important proponents of black freedom who lived before Martin Luther King. Both Presidents Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln had their birthdays in mid-February. Because of their fight for black freedom, this might have been the reason why February became the Black History Month, in recognition for their efforts and success. Since 1976, the Black History Month has been widely observed and indeed, it means something to both the whites and blacks. I support its observance not because it helps in appreciating the uniqueness of the blacks and their culture, but because history on blacks cuts across the entire American history such that without it, some elements about this great nation will be obsoleted.
The plight of blacks in the U.S is clearly spelt out throughout American history. As early as 1800s, blacks suffered through the atrocities imputed by slavery which was hardwired to America's Westward Expansion. Since then, blacks were considered inferior and underserving. Even after the American Civil war, they did not benefit from the American Industrialization of 1865 to 1920 but they rather become the primary source unskilled labor in industries. They worked under harsh conditions without even rights to trade unions. In short, the Black History Month institutes the black solidarity they want because memories of their past cultivate a feeling of helplessness, segregation and unwanted. The Black History is a pillar that advocates for integration, access to civil rights and nationalism because whether Africans or African-Americans, they needed and still need recognition as Americans. If...
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