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Why Did The British Lose The Battle Of Saratoga? (Essay Sample)


Why did the British lose the battle of Saratoga?
5 paragraphs explaining why the British lost the battle.


Battle of Saratoga
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Battle of Saratoga
The Battle of Saratoga was a significant conquest for the United States’ patriots during the American Revolution. The contest consisted of two great combats which took place in September and October in 1777. To date, the battle is considered as America's defining moment of its Revolutionary War. The battle was the driving force which influenced France's decision to forge war against embattled Britain by continually providing support and needed supplies to the American's Continental Army to re-invigorate their strength.
The turning point in the Battle of Saratoga which led to the American Revolutionary War started when the British planned to sideline England from their Southern colonial masters and to colonize Upstate New York. The plan by the Britain was orchestrated to put a decisive end to the American Revolution (Lohnes, 2019). Conversely, the battle ended in favour of the patriots. Before the onset of the conflict, General John Burgoyne had planned to lead the British troops to drive southwards to Albany in New York from Montreal along the Hudson River, Lake George, and Lake Champlain (Lohnes, 2019). According to their plan, the troops were to converge at Albany with two other British forces: one coming from the Mohawk valley which is on the eastern side of Albany.

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