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Art history, compare and contrast. History Assignment. (Essay Sample)


The slideshow includes one slide for each question; each slide has two artworks with names/titles/dates included. Your essays should comparatively analyze the two relevant images in as much detail as possible. Consider the subjects or socio-historical themes that link the two artworks, and then discuss the similar/different ways that the artworks address that shared theme/subject, drawing on our class discussions. Make sure to support your claims with visual evidence (i.e. specific details).


Comparisons and Contrast Questions
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Comparison and Contrast of Donatello, David 1440-60 and Michelangelo, David 1501-4
David 1440-60 is a sculptural artwork done by Donatello during the early Renaissance. This artwork statue is made up of bronze and clay and represents the biblical David (Kárpáti, 2019). David denotes a triumphal fight between him and Goliath, who was a Philistine; David is biblically known to have used a slingshot to kill his foe, Goliath. He the Donatello, David 1440-60 sculpture, David while having boots and hat, is taking a pose with one foot on the top of enemy’s head. The sculpture is capped by a laurel.

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