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Analytical Reflection Two History Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


HST 368Second Reflection Essay GuidelinesIn this assignment, you will write an essay of approximately 4 pages, double spaced (approximately 750 –1000 words)in response to the following prom


HST 368 Second Reflection Essay Guidelines In this assignment, you will write an essay of approximately 4 pages, double spaced (approximately 750 – 1000 words) in response to the following prompt. Prompt: “Save the Country!” or “救国!” (jiù guó) came to be a rallying cry in early-twentieth-century China. What was wrong with China, according to those who argued it needed saving? Who or what did they think was responsible for China’s problems? What are your thoughts about this issue? Did China need saving? Why or why not? Your goal in this essay is to demonstrate that you have been attending class, doing the reading, and thinking about the course content. You should cite specific details from lectures and readings, but do not to simply summarize my lectures or the assigned readings – I want you to discuss what you’ve heard and read and give your own opinion and analysis. We are not interested in how much information you can locate online or in random books � Rather, we want to know how you are thinking about the material we have been presenting. Please do not do outside research or consult websites unless/until you have maximized your use of in-class sources. Thank you!


Analytical Reflection Two
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Analytical Reflection Two
The phrase, “Save the Country,” was common in the early 20th Century in China. It evolved to be a rallying cry for a section of individuals. The proponents called for reforms to improve the state of affairs in China at the time. They wanted to see a better country where people could attain their aspirations. Reading through the course materials and attending the lectures was an opportunity for me to understand the motivation behind these individuals. Indeed, China was undergoing a challenging moment and it needed “saving” to create a better society for future generations.
China needed saving from her conservative life. The society was unwilling to change from its traditional value system to a better form of living. Reading Ding Ling’s When I was in Xia Village opened my eyes to the realities of a traditional China in the early 20th Century. ZhenZhen struggles to break away from her past horrible life. During the Sino-Japanese war, ZhenZhen is captured by Japanese soldiers and end up becoming a spy for the Chinese. On returning to the village, she experiences discrimination because the villages are aware she slept with Japanese soldiers. 

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