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American Military Success (Essay Sample)

BATTLESHIP-SIZE ESSAY (100 POINTS) 3-FULL Pages "1950 clearly marks a watershed in the history of the American military. Until that point the nation's presidents provided wise wartime leadership, but after mid-century they made increasingly poor choices in the realm of strategy. Indeed, America's lack of success in its last two wars can be almost solely laid at the feet of the occupants of the White House.” Defend, modify, or reject this statement (which was issued in 1988, so the author means WWI, World War 2, Korea, and Vietnam). Be sure to discuss how American society in general impacted military actions during the conflicts. Make 4 specific references to the Robert D. Schulzinger A Time For War: The United States and Vietnam 1941-1975 book and 2 specific war time song that makes reference to your paper. SUBMARINE-SIZED ESSAY (25 POINTS) 3-FULL Pages In your opinion, what has been the most important purely military factor contributing to the successes enjoyed by the United States in its conflicts during the 20th Century? Be sure to provide specific examples to back up your assertions. Your answers should be no more than 6 pages combined, typed and double-spaced. Errors of form will affect your grade. source..

American Military Success
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The US Military Strategy Failure After 1950
The US military had played a key role during the World War I and World War 2 which made it to develop into a super power. The US military had insisted to remain neutral during these wars but was provoked by attacks of its submarines by the German troops. This made the US to engage in the World War I by a continued supply of resources to Britain and France. The US increased its offensive exhausting the German reserves prompting them to sign a conditional surrender and thus ending the war. During World War 2 the US was able to mobilize its military with high priority to air power. The involvement of the US in this war was limited to providing resources to Britain, Soviet Union and republic of china, but the attack of Pearl Harbor by Japan opened an avenue for the US to be officially involved. The US deployed its troops and planes in the beginning with strategic bombing of Nazis who had occupied Europe and consequently the invasion of German in 1945 with Soviet Union invasion in the east. This led to surrender of the Germans leaving the US to campaign the pacific war with Japan, where the US employed atomic bomb to shock the leadership of Japan causing the Japanese troops to surrender.
The quick mobilization of the US led to eventual dominance to military power in the theatre of war, and the industrial might of its economy was a major factor in the mobilization of its resources. The US learned the strategic and tactic lessons of the significance of air superiority and plane carrier in the naval actions which guided its military doctrine (Coffman, 1998). A special place is held by World War 2 in the US psyche as the countries greatest triumph as it made the US to emerge as undisputed superpower together with the Soviet Union. The development of these two nations as superpowers resulted in the US providing foreign military...
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