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Abina and the important Men. William Melton. History Essay (Essay Sample)


Papers will be based on the book, Abina and the Important Men: A Graphic History, and on your lecture notes. NO OTHER SOURCES ARE PERMITTED!
Paper Topic:
What bind does the British administer, William Melton, find himself in and how does he contend with issues of slavery and abolition?  How does the case of Abina challenge or complicate the lofty ideals behind British imperialism, specifically the belief in the White Man's Burden?  
All papers must be done in Times New Roman 12 pt. font.
-papers should be 3 pages in length (double-spaced)
-use one inch margins
-headings should be single-spaced (a heading should not take up half of your first page and does not count towards the 3 pages.)
-the paper should have page numbers
-do not skip extra lines between the heading, title, or between paragraphs
-Do not use “I,” “we,” “you” etc. This is an academic paper!
***students must use in-text citations and must include a bibliography

Students will lose FOUR points per day on late papers and at the one week point, students will receive an automatic ZERO.
Anyone who plagiarizes will receive an automatic ZERO and will be reported to the University’s Ethics Board.


Abina and the Important Men
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Abina and the Important Men
William Melton, the judicial assessor, finds himself in a dilemma in his quest to end slavery while maintaining the colonial rule in the British colony. William Melton expresses the predicament on Abina’s case given the importance of  Eddoo to the British whereas Abina presents a watertight case whose values coincide with Melton’s. Despite his stance on slavery and a true abolitionist, commercial and political interests of the British coupled with the influence of wealth and influential member of the society, Abina’s plea remains unresolved amidst Britain’s guise of civilizing Africans.
William Melton has a practical approach that seeks to investigate cases of slavery that has been outlawed by the British. In a case presented by Abina, Melton seeks to establish quantifiable evidence such as transactions to confirm Abina sale to slavery or physical harm inflicted upon Abina as proof of her enslavement. Melton overlooks the naturally convincing qualitative evidence offered by Abina against Eddoo who describes herself as a slave with neither free will nor payment for her work. 

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