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5-2 Discussion: Impacts of the Cold War At Home and Abroad (Essay Sample)


In Milestone Two, you related your historical event to the trends that had an impact on your chosen time period. In this discussion, expand your investigation and identify issues or policies that were occurring overseas.
Based on your textbook reading, think about the history of the Cold War and how it compares to what is going on in the Middle East today. Then, identify two issues that occurred during the Cold War that still resonate today, and compare them to two issues that have occurred more recently in the Middle East. How have the issues during both time periods lingered or affected society in America? More specifically, think about the United States’ role in overseas intervention attempts. Defend your claim with evidence from the textbook.
In your response posts, discuss whether you agree with their posts and explain why or why not


Impact of Cold War At Home and Abroad
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Impact of Cold War At Home and Abroad
When the World War 2 came to a close, a supremacy battle began between the United States and its allies against the Soviet Union and its satellites state which came to be known as the cold war (Hinnebusch, 2016). The two nations did not engage in a physical fight, rather antagonized against one another through a series of events. One of the major issues was the military coalitions. There were two major military coalitions, the Warsaw Pact and the NATO. The Warsaw Pact was a coalition of the communist's nation such as the Soviet Union while the NATO was a military coalition for the capitalist's nations such as the United States (Betts, 2015). Another issue during the Cold War was the proxy wars. Proxy war means that a nation participates in the war but does not adversary directly (Hinnebusch, 2016). An example of the proxy war during the Cold War was the Korean War in which the communists supported the North to invade the South which was supported by the Capitalists.
Military coalitions and proxy wars still resonate today wi...
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