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The 2012 Presidential Election Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


This is just a proposal.
The proposal must include:
1. A tentative title for your page. Stick to your assigned topic (The 2012 Presidential Election) and you should change the title to reflect your specific approach eventually.
2. A clear statement of your interest in your topic. Why do you want to work on this? Why is this figure/issue/theme so important to an understanding of the upcoming 2017 French Presidential election?
3. An outline of how you intend to approach your page and to explore the connections between your contemporary topic/issue and the French historical past.
4. A bibliography including a *minimum of five scholarly books or articles* that you will use to think historically about your topic. Your bibliography should also include any primary contemporary sources (news, magazine articles, etc.) that you have read and/or intend to read in order to complete this assignment.
The proposal must be *one, full, single-spaced, typed page, not including your bibliography. There is no need for a cover page. Please use the standard header required for the Critical Analyses, changing the assignment to "Research Assignment Proposal" and including the date of submission.


The 2012 Presidential Election
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The 2012 presidential election saw more than 36 million French citizens going to polls to choose the next president of the Fifth Republic. The election featured a runoff between the serving president Nicolas Sarkozy elected in the year 2007 and Francois Hollande, a socialist contender. Hollande won the runoff election with 51 percent of the votes casted, while Sarkozy garnered 48 percent (Embassy of France in London, 2012).
The 2012 presidential election topic is worth pursuing since uncommon to other serving presidents Hollande refused to vie for a second term, thus ruling himself out of an opportunity to extend his stay in the Elysée Palace. In fact, Hollande is the first president since 1958 to decline the chance to stand for a second term in office. In spite of his success in the same-sex marriage bill, Hollande faced major resistance to his projected economic and employment reforms (Kennedy, 2016).
The exclusion of Hollande in election contest provides essential insights of the upcoming 2017 French Presidential election since the election contest will be between the party contestant, which is unusual in French election where...
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