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Why is the Concept of Family Health Important? (Essay Sample)


Why is the concept of family health important? Consider the various strategies for health promotion. How does a nurse determine which strategy would best enable the targeted individuals to gain more control over, and improve, their health?


Why is the Concept of Family Health Important?
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Why is the Concept of Family Health Important?

The concept of family health is central to the achievement of the overall goals of health promotion. Moreover, the strategies of health promotion such as creating supportive environments, equipping individuals with personal skills, and strengthening community action are founded on family health promotion (WHO, 2019). Family members not only share their genetic makeup, but also lifestyles, diets, and environments that could strongly predict their health status. As key players in health promotion efforts, nurses can develop individualized healthcare strategies by discussing family health history with patients.

Consequently, the patient becomes aware of both the genetic and environmental influences that are relevant to their health and how to manage these influences. For example, a nurse who establishes that a patient’s risk to ocular disease is highly influenced by the family history would advice the patient on the role of genetics and how to make lifestyle modifications including frequent screening to track any ocul

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