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Whole Foods for Wellness Promotion Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


(1).Use the Linus Pauling Institute website provided in this module to identify one specific phytochemical that can be found in a fruit or vegetable. What is the phytochemical and what benefits does it have on health? Find one additional academic article outside of Linus Pauling to support what you have found & discuss. Be sure to review the discussion post guidelines on citations.
Webside: http://lpi(dot)oregonstate(dot)edu/mic
(2).After reviewing the PBH Foundation Phytochemical Information Center "https://pbhfoundation(dot)org/about/res/pic/about/" , contemplate your current eating habits.
What phytochemicals do you consume? What specific phytochemicals do you consume and in what food sources are they located?
Do you notice a specific group of phytochemicals in your diet that is lacking?
How can you modify your food intake to increase your phytochemical consumption?
(3)Discuss or comment one original post
Original Post:
One specific phytochemical that can be found in a fruit or vegetable is resveratrol. This chemical is produced by some plants in times of stress in order to protect itself. For example, to fight off bacteria, fungi, or to stay healthy and retain nutrients during a time of low food. Resveratrol is typically found in grapes, peanuts, red wine, cocoa, and a few select berries including blueberries and cranberries. In grapes, resveratrol is found in the skin. This phytochemical is the reason why red wine can be considered heart healthy. Resveratrol has been studied for quite some time now and is most commonly known for its antioxidant benefits. This chemical has shown to neutralize free radicals and also inhibits LDL oxidation. Resveratrol has also been found to reduce inflammation in a similar way that many other phytochemicals do. Even though scientists are working hard to discover more about this healing phytochemical, there is still much left to be explored and understood. If you would like to increase your intake of resveratrol, it is more beneficial to consume this through foods rather than supplemental pills.
Skerrett, P. J. (2012, February 03). Resveratrol-the hype continues. Retrieved February 19, 2018, from https://www(dot)health(dot)harvard(dot)edu/blog/resveratrol-the-hype-continues-201202034189
Resveratrol. (2018, January 01). Retrieved February 19, 2018, from http://lpi(dot)oregonstate(dot)edu/mic/dietary-factors/phytochemicals/resveratrol#food-sources


Whole Foods for Wellness Promotion
Carotenoid is a phytochemical found both in fruits and vegetables. In the human body, carotenoid takes the role of an antioxidant (Linus Pauline Institute, n.d). It protects the body from chronic illness, aging effects, and cellular damage. Carotenoids have therapeutic value for the retinal degenerative diseases thus supporting the eye system. They work well in giving support to the cardiovascular system thus preventing the body from contracting such diseases. It's not proven yet if carotenoids prevent cancer but it is proven that it compacts the generation of tumors (Edward, 2014). Carotenoids boost male fertility and improve the health of the skin. Certain types of carotenoids such as beta-carotene help in preventing the skin from diseases and environmental toxins.
After reviewing the PBH Foundation Phytochemical Information Centre, I realize that I consume flavonoids type of phytochemicals. Flavonoids are found mostly in fruits (apple) and vegetables (Onions). They are also found in nuts, cereals (soybeans) and selected beverages (black and green tea and coffee) which I consume the most (Panche, 2016). I notice that from the diet, I take inadequa

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