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W7 Reflection Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


In at least 150 words, reflect on the essentials of oral communication in which you analyze and evaluate the role public speaking will play in your future success, as well as your strengths and challenges in delivering a presentation. Compose an effective reflection in which you address all of the following prompts:
Propose what you believe are your greatest strengths in delivering your oral presentation.
Decide what will be your greatest challenges in delivering your oral presentation.
Analyze how you will leverage your strengths and address your challenges through your preparation.
Predict how preparing and delivering this speech will prepare you for your future career and life experiences.


W7 Reflection
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W7 Reflection
Oral communication refers to the verbal transmission of ideas, opinions, and information from one person to another. Indeed, it plays a significant role in public speaking where an individual delivers a speech to an audience. I have realized that an effective leader must be good in oral communication so that he or she can persuade people easily.
My most significant strengths in oral presentations are effective communication skills, confidence, and listening. I am not afraid of standing in front of an audience and delivering a speech in the most appropriate language. I use gestures and facial expressions when necessary. The two primary challenges I encounter during the oral presentation are unsteadiness and time-keeping problems. For example, I might take more time to elaborate on one point since I believe that I should always make my audience understand my arguments.
I wi

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