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Vitamin B12 Injections to Boost Energy Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


essay on vitamin B12
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Non-oral delivery of vitamin B12 to patients is not a new medical practice. In fact, for people with certain type of anemia or who have experienced certain neurological damages (e.g. stroke, trauma), it is very common for doctors to prescribe vitamin B12 as intramuscular or intravenous injections.
However, vitamin B12 shots are being used among certain people as “energy booster”. In this assignment, students will conduct an investigation on use of vitamin B12 shots to boost energy. Please conduct two searches: a search of the Internet AND a search of scientific database/portal (e.g. PubMed) on the topic. The investigative report should contain the following components:


Vitamin B12 Injections to Boost Energy
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Vitamin B12 Injections to Boost Energy
The use of vitamin B12 shots for energy boosts has been on the rise. A London-based infusion clinic reports that in approximately one year (2013-2014), it had acquired over 1,000 clients (Thompson, 2014). The advocates of the utilization of the Vitamin B12 to enhance energy levels base this on the role that the vitamin plays in DNA synthesis and metabolism. Athletes have utilized Vitamin B12 over the years to improve performance and endurance. According to Biscardi (2015), the sports people are usually injected with about 1g of the Vitamin B12 just before they compete.
Many companies and individuals are involved in the Vitamin B12 business, and the practice has now spread and is offered in spas, cafes, bars and out of vehicles. The celebrities, particularly musicians utilize the intravenous Vitamin B12 infusions. Thompson (2014) discusses that the celebrities have assisted in Vitamin B12 injection businesses growth. Vita Sciences, one of the organizations dealing with Vitamin B12, reports celebrities such as Madonna, Katy Perry, and Justin Bieber uses the B12 shots to boost their energy (, 2011). An article by Thompson (2014) in the Daily Mail, UK supports the case of more celebrities using IV drips of Vitamin B12 to improve their mental performance and energy.
Methodology and Results
The internet research involved the use of the Google search engine to get the sources that contained information on the use of Vitamin B12 to boost energy levels. The search terms used include Vitamin B12 injections, Vitamin B12 shots to boost energy, IV drips, and celebrities using Vitamin B12 injections. The websites accessed included those of online newspapers such as the daily mail and company websites such as that of Vita Sciences. For the peer-reviewed journals, the databases searched included PubMed, MDPI, Medscape, and Science Direct. The process entailed keying in the terms stated above into the search bars, and four sources were selected. The sources were narrowed to those that focused on Vitamin B12 injections to enhance energy.
From the research, the practice has expanded, and the injections are provided in hospitals, clinics, cafes, spas, bars, and even moving vehicles. For instance, in Japan, there are IV cafes that have menus with vitamin jabs. In Las Vegas, a hangover haven bus circles the city offering intravenous pick-me-up (Thompson, 2014). In some instances, the practitioners that administer the Vitamin B12 jabs are trained doctors and other physicians that have knowledge of the practice. The requirement is for a medical professional to prescribe and deliver the shots. However, in other cases, people that do not have training in medicine provide the injections, including hair stylists and friends (Mullin, 2014).
The absence of regulation of the Vitamin B12 jabs administration has led to some people accessing it when they desire hence can get the injections as much as they want. Some celebrities carry the B12 patches whenever they go to get a shot when they need to increase their energy levels (, 2011). The cost of the procedures ranges between £100 and £450 per shot as discussed by Thompson (2014). The facilities and the individuals that administer the Vitamin B12 shots claim that it increases one’s energy levels. Some celebrities also indicate that the procedure has helped them enhance their performance. Many have taken pictures of their IV sessions arguing it significantly improves their energy and also eradicates hangovers such as Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, and Madonna (Mullin, 2014).
Scientific Evidence and Critique
According to O’Leary and Samman (2010), Vitamin B12 is crucial for the synthesis of DNA ...
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