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Values, Culture, and Ethics Case Assignment (Essay Sample)


Case Study: An affluent woman in her 60s was admitted to a hospital in Mississippi for cardiac arrhythmia. During her admission to the hospital, her husband requested that only Caucasian health care professionals and workers should enter his wife’s room and interact with the family. The hospital’s policy states that care will be provided on a nondiscriminatory basis, however, the husband argues that all patients have the right to choose the providers who render care to them.
Based on what you read in the Ethical Culture slide show and the case study above, answer the following questions:
How do culture, values, and ethics come into play in this case study?
Reflect on the term “ethical wisdom” used in the slide presentation. How might the use of ethical wisdom assist in this case study?
If you were the leader of this hospital, how would you handle this situation?
Your initial post should be at least 300 words. Support your response with a minimum of two scholarly sources.


Values, Culture, and Ethics
Due Date
Values, Culture, and Ethics
How do culture, values, and ethics come into play in this case study?
Culture comes into play in two ways. The first one is in the case of the husband who is adamant that his wife should only be tended to by Caucasian health care professionals and workers. The second way it comes to play is the threat the husband’s request poses on the hospital’s operational culture.
Values come in play through the husband’s request as well as it comes out clearly that he is racist or discriminatory. However, his actions impose on the hospital’s values. The management is forced to choose between either maintaining their values or succumbing to the husband’s pressure.
Finally, ethics do come in play as the hospital’s policy is clearly against discrimination. However, the husband does have a say on who should render care to his wife. The question is whether the hospital’s management should ignore their policy and yield to the patient’s demands.
Reflect on the term “ethical wisdom” used in the slide presentation. How might the use of ethical wisdom assist in this case study?
Ethical wisdom can be of great help in the case under review because it forces or convicts healthcare professionals to act and make ethically sound decisions at all times. In this particular case, it will assist by remind

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