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Urinary tract infection (UTI) among adults. Health, Medicine Essay (Essay Sample)



Health Promotion, Chronic and Acute Illness Paper


The purpose of this writing is to gain an understanding of health promotion, screening, diagnosis, and management of common women’s health acute and chronic illnesses and to compare and contrast common versus nontraditional treatment modalities.


  • A set of one acute and one chronic women’s health issue (urinary tract infection and osteoporosis).
  • Describe and outline the issue, prevalence, and significance.
  • Describe health promotion and screening for each issue.
  • Outline diagnostic tests or laboratories needed for each issue. Elaborate on what you would expect or anticipate in the diagnostic testing with each illness you choose.
  • List and describe common treatment or management modalities for each issue.
  • Discuss patient education and follow up that is needed for each issue.
  • Identify health screening and promotion needs for women across the lifespan specific to the chronic illness.
  • For each selected issue, compare and contrast traditional versus nontraditional treatment options.
  • Examine how you would collaborate with other members of the health care team for best practice.


  • be 5 pages in length.
  • APA format, 6th edition. 5-6 references within 3 years and in US only.
  • Follow table below accordingly and indlude in the papers.


  Acute and Chronic Women's Health Issues

Selection of illness or issue

As selected, one acute and one chronic women’s health issue; (Urinary tract infection and Osteoporosis). Thoroughly described and outlined the issue and significance.

Description of issues

Thoroughly outlined the health promotion, screening, diagnosis, management, patient education, and follow up of each problem including care across the lifespan for chronic illness.

Nontraditional treatment options

Thoroughly compared and contrasted traditional versus nontraditional treatment options.


Paper is 5 pages in length.


Text, title page and references page follow APA guidelines. No grammar, word usage, or punctuation errors. Overall style is consistent with professional work.



Web Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (June 16, 2016). Women and heart disease fact sheet. Retrieved from: https://www(dot)cdc(dot)gov/dhdsp/data_statistics/fact_sheets/fs_women_heart.htm

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (April 2017). Committee Opinion:

Asymptomatic microscopic hematuria in women. Retrieved from:  




Urinary tract infection (UTI) among adults
Student Name
Institutional Affiliation
Urinary tract infection (UTI) among adults
Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a bacterial infection that affects the urinary system of both men and women. The infection occurs across all ages from the young to the elderly. Women are considered more susceptible to this infection, therefore, having a higher level of prevalence in comparison to men. Some of the risk factors associated with this infection include menopause, pregnancy, poor personal hygiene as well as closeness in anatomy of female urethra to the anus (Gupta et al., 2017).
Prevalence of UTI
There is a high prevalence of UTI amongst the females as compared to males with research revealing that close to one-third of women are diagnosed with UTI before they attain the age of 24 years. The anatomical structures of women allow for quick access of the bacteria to the bladder owing to poor hygiene, sexual intercourse as well as use of contraceptives (Gupta et al., 2017).

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