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Unintended pregnancies (Essay Sample)

To access articles in the Library for this class and others, please refer to the instructions on the Syllabus and in Case 1. Read ALL of the directions below carefully before you begin your paper. You are not writing a typical report-style essay for this assignment. Review a description and sample of an APA style annotated bibliography. Save this link because you will be asked to write more annotated bibliographies in future modules. 1. Begin with an introduction that tells me what the hypothesis you developed for the Module 1 SLP is. If you received feedback asking you to improve it, please use the improved version. 2. Use ProQuest or Ebsco to search for 3 articles related to the area of interest you chose in the Module 1 SLP. They must be articles that would help you answer your research question. In other words, they have to be related to what you are trying to find out, as if you were a researcher investigating this topic. The articles must be from scholarly journals. They must be no more than 5 years old. Save the articles because you will use them in other assignments. Review the Background Information in this module regarding how to conduct a literature review. 3. Write an annotated bibliography for each article (not an essay). Before you begin, please review a description and sample of an APA style annotated bibliography at http://owl(dot)english(dot)purdue(dot)edu/owl/resource/614/03/ Save this link because you will be asked to write more annotated bibliographies in future modules. ASSIGNMENT EXPECTATIONS: Please read before completing the assignment. Copy the actual assignment from this page onto the cover page of your paper (do this for all papers in all courses). Assignment should be approximately 2 pages in length (double-spaced). Please use major sections corresponding to the major points of the assignment, and where appropriate use sub-sections (with headings). Remember to write in a Scientific manner (try to avoid using the first person except when describing a relevant personal experience). Quoted material should not exceed 10% of the total paper (since the focus of these assignments is on independent thinking and critical analysis). Use your own words and build on the ideas of others. When material is copied verbatim from external sources, it MUST be properly cited. This means that material copied verbatim must be enclosed in quotes and the reference should be cited either within the text or with a footnote. Use of peer-reviewed articles is required. Websites as references should be minimal and must meet guidelines noted above. Cite all references in APA style. *********************************************** Dear Writer, I wrote my first SLP paper on unitended pregnacny. below are my professor comment on that paper. Kenneth: For the session long project, choose one of the health issues as your research topic. Part I Introduce the topic and write a brief background (1 page) about the scope of the problem. What is the health effect? How many people does it affect? Is there a treatment or a cure? Part II Based upon gaps in your knowledge State a properly phrased health-related research question that you would like to answer if you were a researcher. Now, formulate a specific hypothesis to investigate that research question. Neither should be a paragraph While your background section is fine, you have no question or hypothesis. Had you used headings as required this may have solved this program. Also you have used the pronoun “I” which is informal writing and in the email and student orientation – this was presented as being inappropriate. Include retrieval dates on your references. Grade of B- based on missing question and hypothesis. source..
Unintended pregnancies Name: Institution: Date: Essentially, effective use of contraceptives helps to reduce the rates of unintended pregnancy. According to the CDC there were increased rates of unintended pregnancies for women between the ages of 18 to 24 in the years 2001 to 2006 with 49% of pregnancies being unintended in 2006. In addition, the CDC reports that the increased rates mainly affected women from less economically endowed homesteads, with lower education attainments and those cohabiting. Consequently, the hypothesis of this paper is that effective use of contraceptives and provision of information on contraceptives helps to reduce the rate of unintended pregnancies. Trussell, J., Scwartz, E. B & Guthrie, K. (2010). Research Priorities for Preventing Unintended Pregnancy: Moving Beyond Emergency Contraceptive Pills. Perspectives on Sexual & Reproductive Health, 42 (1): 8-9. The article highlights on the need to use other strategies of reducing unintended pregnancies beyond contraceptive use. Increased accessibility in contraceptive pills has not had the intended consequence of reducing unintended pregnancies. Consequently, the authors suggest that there is a need to look into other strategies that may be effective and useful for research purposes. However, before proposing new strategies, the authors highlight that the assessment and measurement of unintended pregnancy have inherent limitations. For instance, there are cases when women are undecided on whether they intend to get pregnant and there are no fixed rules on what constitutes intended and unintended. Equally, women may have different perceptions on emergency contraceptive pills, but there is limited effectiveness of the emergency pills. Women visiting hea...
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