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Training Safe, Effective, And Beneficial For Young People (Essay Sample)


Research the benefits and risks of exercise and youth. List at least five resources (resources no more than five years old) and summarize the research findings in your own words. Is resistance training safe, effective, and beneficial for young people? Why or why not?
-5 sources NO MORE than 5 years old please 
-summarize the sources in "your own words"
-answer all questions in the above
thank you


Youth Exercise
This paper will be discussing the benefits and risks and the youths. This paper will also be finding out if resistance training safe, effective, and beneficial for young people.
Benefits and Risks of Exercise and Youths
According to Khan et al (2012) exercise and youth has always been considered as being a highly touchy issue. Even though there are some anomalies with youths exercising like body building by kids, and a young Hercules among others, exercising has got numerous advantages (Landry & Driscoll, 2012). It is therefore advisable that youths are encouraged to exercise regularly so as to enable them build stronger muscles, stronger bones, and also enhances their learning ability in class. It is also important to remember that since oxygen helps in the proper use of oxygen, it enables the body to burn stored fat, and also enable them to maintain a normal body weight and size benefits and risks of exercise and you

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