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TIGER nursing informatics competencies for an ER nurse (Essay Sample)


Specifically as it applies to an Emergency Room nurse.
The nursing manager of your department is starting to do the yearly employees evaluations. She has
told everyone that she will ask you to do a self-assessment of your informatics/computer
competencies. You would like to find out more about the competencies and ask for a reference so
that you can learn about the assessment. She refers you to look up TIGER-based competencies.
Question #1
You have read the TIGER Nursing Informatics Competencies Model information. What four
competencies do you use in your current practice?
Question #2
You also realize there will be additional competencies needed in the future and ask your manager if
she can provide a list of skills you will need when the new electronic medical record (EMR) is
Implemented at your hospital. What two new skills you will need to learn?
Students must post their response to the above questions in narrative/paragraph form. Make sure to
type your response in APA format. Please make sure to cite your material and list your references
according to APA. A minimum of two references published no later than 5 years is required for this
assignment. Question #1 required word count of 200 words, no more than 300. Question
#2 required word count of 150 words, no more than 200 words. Original responses are due by
September 10th at 11:59 pm (CT). Students must respond to one peer with a thought provoking
response which furthers the discussion. The response to peer must include at least one reference
and a minimum of 200 words, not to exceed 300 words, and a minimum of one reference.
Responses to peer are due no later than September 12th at 11:59 pm (CT).

Please see the attached grading rubric for Discussion Board #1 Assignment.


Tiger Nursing Informatics Competencies for an ER Nurse
Institutional Affiliation
Course Title
Tiger Nursing Informatics Competencies for an ER Nurse
Question 1: competencies
As a practicing nurse, there are basic computer competencies that should be gained in order to deliver quality patient care. While approximately seven million Europeans have taken the European computer Driving License (ECDL) exam and have been certified, a large number of immigrants in the nursing workforce are yet to gain computer competencies. In my current practice, I use four major competencies or information literacy to ensure quality service delivery to patients. According to the Association of Colleges and Research Libraries (2000), information literacy is the set of skills that allows people to identify when information is required and to set aside, analyze and utilize such information in an appropriate manner.
These four competencies include: i) the identification of the information required for some specific purpose, ii) the location of pertinent information, iii) the evaluation of the located information and iv) the application of the information gained in a correct manner (Association of College & Research Libraries, 2013). In nursing practice, information literacy is crucial to the incorporation of evidence-based practice. Each healthcare provider or nurse has to be able to determine the kind of information required in their practice. This will largely involve an assessment and critical thinking regarding the information collected. The identification of info

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