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TIGER Debate Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Read the following information about the TIGER (Informatics/HC literacy/information technology) Initiative:
Review the Tiger Initiative ReportPreview the document, Executive Summary. The initiative includes all competencies for basic computer skills, information literacy, and information management. If you go to the main Tiger Initiative/HiMSS website (Links to an external site.), under Reports you may find more information for your debate.
(Links to an external site.)
Nine Principles of Good Debating (Links to an external site.)
The purpose of this peer-reviewed assignment is to debate the importance of the competencies outlined in the TIGER Report relative to the competencies of your chosen specialty area. Each of you has been randomly assigned to either the "pro-group" or the "con-group." The "pro-group" argues that TIGER Competencies are equally - and critically - important while the "con-group" argues that special competencies are more important and the TIGER competencies should only be considered for those in nursing informatics.
Click on the People tab on the left to access your group. As a group, you are to work on three items:
opening statement
3 arguments with authoritative sources, and
closing argument
Group assignments are different from last week. Use this group discussion board only to collaborate with your group. You must post your opening statement and 3 arguments to the Week 6 Discussion Board (below) no later than Wednesday at midnight. Carefully consider how to best present your arguments. Will you just post a written statement? Use PowerPoint slides? Record a video? Use your technology skills to the best advantage!
Then, after careful viewing and/or reading of the opposing viewpoints and online discussion with the opposing team, each group will discuss and revise their closing arguments. The closing statement for each group should be posted to the Week 6 Discussion board no later than Saturday at midnight. Again, consider which technology format might best showcase your arguments.
On Sunday, each team will collaborate to review and complete the online debate rubric (5 point rubric) for the opposing team.* Respectful discussion must be maintained and the discussion should show evidence for the rubric scores provided. Each team should identify a member to send the completed rubric to the instructor by Sunday at midnight. The instructor will post debate scores and rubrics for each team the following week.
*The instructor reserves the right to adjust the rubric scores but will only do so in extreme circumstances.


Merits of TIGER Initiative
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Merits of TIGER Initiative
In a world driven by technology, nurses need to be proficient in various health information systems. Most hospitals now embrace digital operations such as electronic health information (EHI) as a way of centralizing patient’s data and delivering the best outcomes. Therefore, the TIGER initiative is critical to reinforcing these competencies in nurses. The model is particularly important for nurses because it improves communication, education, and leadership among nurses.

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