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Role of the professional Nurse paper (Essay Sample)

Role of the professional Nurse paper This paper will focus on the role of the professional nurse as discussed in this course. You must write a scholarly paper addressing the role of a Registered Nurse in today's health system. It must be written from a nursing focus to incorporate all aspects of professional nursing based on your academic preparation. Discuss, analyze, and incorporate and synthesize research and use appropriate references in relation to your topic. This is NOT an opinion paper, but should be related to evidence based practice. This is a professionally written paper with the following requirements: 1200 words APA format Do not include an abstract A minimum of 8 references and a maximum of 12 Each reference must be attached to the final paper No direct quotes are to be used Students are to synthesize research and use appropriate referencing to avoid plagiarism PAPER TOPIC: YOUR PAPER MUST ADDRESS A SUB TOPIC OF ONE OF THE FOLLOWING AREAS: Quality safety Education in Nursing (QSEN) Regulatory bodies governing health care in the US Controversial political issues currently affecting nursing Accountable Care act Healthy people 2010 Whatever the topic you are choosing to write about (Healthy People, QSEN, Political Issues, etc) - the focus is still about the role of the RN. How does that topic affect the practice of the RN, the way we function, the way we deliver care, our role as a professional , our role in the community, etc. DO NOT pick a medical Dx under Healthy People and write a paper about that disease process. That is NOT the focus. So you need to be able research your topic to the extent that you have enough information to write about it. I want my paper to be written on ethical issues. I would like the paper to be about nurses and how their personal beliefs and religon can affect the care they have towards their patients. You can use blood transfusions, or end of life care as your main topic. I need 8 references from nursing journals. Can this be done? source..

This paper seeks to identify the roles of a professional nurse as exemplified by the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses program. Due to numerous safety and quality inconsistencies within the United States (US) healthcare system, Quality and Safety Education for Nurses was developed by nursing educators as a strategy to redesign the nursing curriculum as well as reform clinical learning experiences. The program gives strong emphasis on five competency areas which include patient-centered care, interdisciplinary teams, evidence based practice, quality improvement, safety and informatics. (Debra 2011)
It is from these areas that we can be able to identify the roles of a professional nurse in the United States healthcare system. To start with, patient-centered care sensitizes on the need to recognize the patient as a source of control and a critical partner in the provision of concerned and well coordinated care which is based on the respect for the patient`s preferences, values and needs. This implies that a nursing professional has to deliver his/her service with accordance to the patient`s needs and preference. Nurses have to effectively communicate with the patients. They have to understand them and it is from there that they can provide a service that is satisfactory to the patient. (Debra 2011)
For instance, nurses taking care of the older persons need to listen to them especially when they require some special care. This competency requires nurses to be empathetic to the situation of the patients. This area focuses on communication, emotional support, physical support and education. A nurse should be able to offer emotional support to a patient or to the family of a deceased patient. This will be achieved by having effective communication between the patient and the nurse. The nurse should also offer physical comfort to patients depending on the patients needs. Another role that a nurse should do is to offer education to patients and to the community as well. There are cases where there are health issues that might affect the community and the nurse has the ability to offer some advisory information to the community to overcome these issues. It is of importance that nurses pass this information to the patients and the community as they have a lot of contact unlike the medical doctors (Steven, 2005).
A second competency to analyze according to the Quality and Safety Education for nurses is teamwork and collaboration. This competency seeks to develop an effective functioning within nursing and inter-professional teams, which will be attributed to open communication, mutual respect and shared decision making that will culminate to quality patient care. It is under this competence that nurses need to evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses, and what their values are and so that they are able to position themselves as a functional member of a team. A nurse should be able demonstrate that they are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses as a team member. They should therefore be able to develop a self-development plan. They should be able to function with integrity, consistency and also show respect for differing views.
A nurse should therefore be able to contribute according to the potential they are endowed with to enable for the effective functioning of the team. A nurse should be able to show appreciation for the importance of intra and inter-professional collaboration. It is from this that one is able to respect differing opinions and also contribute pro...
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