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The Nurse's Role in Promoting Patient Rights (Essay Sample)


As a nurse, you are the individual who has the most extensive relationship with a patient. In this week’s articles, you read about both NDNQI nurse-specific indicators and the key role nurses play as advocates for patient rights. To assist nurses in being better prepared for this role, programs such as Patient Care Partnership provide guidance. Review the Patient Care Partnership Web site presented in this week’s Resources. In addition, reflect on the media presentation and the information shared by Ms. Manna on patient’s rights. Then, reflect on a situation in your work setting in which a patient did not know his or her rights or responsibilities. If you have not encountered this situation, reflect on a scenario presented in the readings. With these thoughts in mind, respond to the following:
What are some nursing practices you could use to promote patient rights and responsibilities?


The Nurse’s role in promoting patient’s rights
Course Title:
The National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) is the only national nursing database that gives on a quarterly and annual basis, a report of the form, process, and aftermath indicators to assess nursing care at the unit level (Brown, Aydin, & Donalson, 2008). In caring for patients nurses play many vital roles including advocating, that is, interceding on their patients behalf. The three essential values that help in forming the basis of nursing advocacy include preserving: human dignity; patient equality; and freedom from suffering.
The Patient Care Partnership give a clear understanding of rights and responsibilities expected for patients during their hospital stay. These anticipated rights include: a clean and safe environment; involvement of nurses in one’s care; high quality hospital care; help while leaving the hospital; help with billing claims and protect...
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