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the episodic and procedural of Alzheimer's disease and memory Essay (Essay Sample)


Alzheimer’s disease and memory - Which types of memory—such as episodic, procedural, etc.—are most affected by this disease? What is the progression? What are current recommendations for how to maintain functioning prior to and after diagnosis?


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Alzheimer's disease is a condition which is commonly associated with memory deficiency. This condition also commonly causes dementia. During the early course of the disease, long-term declarative and working memories are first affected. The memories formed are often affected by Alzheimer's disease from its molecular level to its neural networks. By knowing which structures are affected, the progress of memory loss can be quickly investigated. By analyzing the affected memory, the subtype of Alzheimer's disease can be identified as well as its grading and prognosis (Jahn, 2013).
The research found that out of the six primary memory system involved with Alzheimer's disease, some can be preserved while others can be severely impaired. Out of these systems, episodic memory is known to be the most relevant in association with patients who have Alzheimer's disease. Changes noted in episodic memory are commonly observed during the early course of the disease. 

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