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Telehealth Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay Research (Essay Sample)


Write a 275-word paper in which you argue the advantages and disadvantages to telehealth.
I need to consider the following when writing the paper: Write about The scope of telehealth services offered by the Nurse Practitioner
- The risk involved, such as patient privacy and security risks of your telehealth systems
- Legal implications, such as the federal and state laws and regulations related to telehealth
- Available resources from the American Telemedicine Association for implementing telehealth best practices and practice guidelines
- Standardized clinical protocols for telehealth communication to ensure prompt responses, consistency, quality, and efficiency of telehealth services

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.


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Telehealth refers to the use of electronic information tools to support remote clinical healthcare. The practice continues to increase across the world, with health facilities adopting it to cut down the operations costs and increase access to patients. According to Schwamm (2014), the quality of telehealth should not vary based on personal characteristics of the patient o the provider. Instead, it should promote equitable access to quality healthcare. Telehealth has several advantages and disadvantages that either promote its usage or prevent health practitioners from adopting it.

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