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Teach A Son About Periods Or The Menstrual Cycle (Essay Sample)


Write an essay explaining the process and experience of menstruation to a son. Be sure to address the following questions within your essay:
1. What would you teach him about the menstrual cycle, it's purpose, and the physiological processes involved?
2. At what age would you initiate this discussion and why?
3. What types of attitudes would you want him to develop and how would you frame your discussion in a manner that would promote those attitudes? How did the menstrual attitudes self-assessment influence the way that you think about your attitudes and those you would want to encourage in a child?
4. What misconceptions would you want to help him avoid developing?
Prepare your response in a word-processing document.
Your response to each question should be approximately one (1) paragraph in length and should include specific examples to illustrate your points.
Cite ALL references as appropriate using in-text citations as appropriate and include a reference list at the end of your written summary. This includes any of the instructional material included in this lesson or the course. All answers and conclusions must be supported, as appropriate, with evidence and resources/citations using APA. Reference the Writing Resources for assistance.


Teach A Song About Menstruation
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Should we teach our sons about periods or the menstrual cycle? Some mothers may say a big “No,” but I think that it is important to teach both sons and daughters what menstrual cycle is. I would love the idea of sitting with my son and telling him the basics, such as the menstrual cycle is the regular natural changes that occur in the female reproductive system. I want him to know that it is what makes pregnancy possible. If there were no periods, then it would have never been possible for me to bring him to this world. The core purpose of the menstrual cycle is to produce oocytes and to prepare the uterus for pregnancy. As far as the physiological process is concerned, I’d like to tell my son that the menstrual cycle starts when oocytes mature during the process of oogenesis. With time, follicles develop and this is when menstruation begins. Initially, 12 to 20 primary follicles are developed, forming secondary follicles. I would not like to go into details as I want to keep things simple and understandable for my son. However, I would definitely tell hi

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