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The Nurse's Role in Supporting the Organization's Strategic Agenda (Essay Sample)


The Nurse's Role in Supporting the Organization's Strategic Agenda
As hospitals seek to reduce the incidence of Never Events and improve the overall quality of health care provided, it is apparent that ultimate success will require the effort of the entire medical staff. Consider the nurse's role in supporting the organization's strategic agenda as it relates to improving clinical outcomes.
For this application you are asked to interview a quality manager in an acute care or long-term care agency of your choice. Your goal is to determine the manager's view regarding the impact of the direct care nurse's role in clinical outcomes for the organization. How does this influence the ability of the organization to achieve its strategic agenda? Before you attend the interview, create a list of relevant questions that will help you better understand the effect a nurse can have on the successful treatment of the patient.
Write a 2- to 3-page paper discussing what you learned from this interview. How will what you learned impact how you approach your nursing responsibilities?


The Nurse's Role in Supporting an Organization's Strategic Agenda
Institutional Affiliation;
Changes in the acute healthcare sector and nursing are not a factor to ignore. Change is relative in healthcare on a day to day basis with the healthcare managers and providers dealing with new payment systems, a new technology, and new evidence-based practices. Since nursing practitioners are considered to be an integral part of any healthcare institution, they are susceptible to face transformations in the systems (Carney, 2009).
Nursing professionals are therefore in the middle of a crisis attempting to provide quality patient care even while considering their credibility in their careers. This paper, therefore, seeks to interview a quality manager of Kindred Healthcare institution with the aim of determining the views of a manager regarding the impact of direct care nursing role within an organization.
A direct nursing care role inclines around the provision of nursing care to patients intended to achieve some specific health care objectives and goals geared towards achieving a healthcare outcome. Indirect nursing care, the subject of change is not a mystery. However, the opportunities for development in this sector require changes in the delivery of healthcare services (Carney, 2009). An acute care or long-term care agency remains an integral part of a medical institution. Therefore, it is imperative for the nurses providing care in this sector to present themselves in a manner that depicts the mission, values and culture of an institution.
The role of the registered nurses in these institutions remains a subject of discussion with a general perception that there are no active clinical roles of the registered nurses in health facilities, a factor that reflects their underutilization (Carney, 2009). In addition to this, the registered nurses being the most highly paid ...
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