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Support Assignment Paper: The Atlanta Triangle Club (Essay Sample)


This is more of a compare and contrast essay.
Please make sure to answer all Eight questions (a-h) in the paper. This paper will be based on 2 support groups, a 12 step group (Alcoholics Anonymous) vs a non-12-step group (like Weight watchers). The support group location should be from Atlanta Georgia, USA.


Support Paper
The Atlanta Triangle Club arranges alcohol anonymous (AA) meetings, while the Weight watchers store Snellville was the meeting point for weight watchers intent on living healthy lifestyles and losing weight. I attended an Early Bird AA meeting at Atlanta Triangle Club AA at 8: 00 am on a Saturday, the designated day when many people attended the group meetings, and I also visited the Weight watchers the next week on a Saturday at 8:00 a.m. I chose the programs to evaluate whether previous reviews of the groups reflected their effectiveness. The methods used differed, but with reports of people enquiring about the situation, with the AA meetings utilize the 12 step program to aid in recovery. The Atlanta Triangle Club was founded in 1968 originally as the Triangle Club and changed the name to the Atlanta triangle Club in 1990. The location provides meeting space for people battering different addictions (personal communication). In both groups meetings are open to people, but once the sessions begin at the AA meeting alcohol addicts are the main target. In the case of weight watchers, members enroll when seeking to lose weight, and offer support to clients. Since the group holds meetings in diverse locations even outside the US the clients understand the importance of healthy principles.
Lastly, Early Bird AA meeting target recovery for alcohol addiction, where clients are able to understand how behavioral patterns affect the risk of alcoholism. The Weight Watchers meetings focus on maintaining healthy weights and enhancing healthy lifestyles, including eating right and being physically active
Impression of group
Weight watchers is an organized program supporting group, and the diets advocated by the program organizers have been identified for their effectiveness in reducing weight. The balanced and calorie restricted diets proposed in the weight watchers program highlight the approach utilized to make huge differences in weight loss. In both the AA meeting and weight loss program, compliance was an important predictor of better outcomes when the clients were motivated to change in the case of weight watchers the program is effective in losing weight when there are well established programs compared to other weight loss programs and self-help (Healy, 2012). Since weight watchers coaches and identifies tools necessary to maintain healthy weights, such programs are e...
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