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06-U9-WEB Quest-Grp: The Subject Of Nurse Patient Ratio (Essay Sample)


(Nursing shortage is great and even a nurse-patient ratio issue).Outcomes addressed in this Assignment:• Assess the legislative and policy-making strategies specific to scope of practice and nursing roles that influence health care services and practice.• Utilize advocacy skills to foster participation of nursing in the development and implementation of health policy.Overview of AssignmentPlease take a moment to review this for assistance with creating your presentation. DirectionsWithin your group, you will work to create a WebQuest. A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented assignment. Look at sample WebQuests (search online) to see how creative you can be. The format is divided into sections or independent pages. You are assigned to work on Assessment section and your task is assessment of the legislative and policy-making strategies that influence health care services to address nurse- patient ratio issue. Your WebQuest Presentation:• Most of the information for your WebQuest will come from the Web. However, you are expected to use the Library to supplement the information that you find on the Web.• You must also use a minimum of three graphics or images to illustrate your points. The graphics can go on any of the pages in the WebQuest and you can use more if you like. The graphics do not substitute for the text that is to explain each section.• You are expected to use analysis in each of the sections and provide details and explanations in each area. The Web resources are to validate what your position or argument is.• You will use attached template of WebQuest. Before you begin your work however, watch this video to learn how to edit the template to create your unique WebQuest.PresentationIn one section of your WebQuest, you will include a link to a presentation that you create. Your group will choose a presentation software to use. The presentation software should be one that is free such as a Voice-over PowerPoint or a Voice-over Prezi. You could also do a PowerPoint or Prezi and voice over in PowerPoint or with Snagit. You will combine slides (e.g., PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Prezi slides) and voice. 
The following should be incorporated in your WebQuest: (Assessment section). • Your assessment of the legislative and policy-making strategies that influence health care services (write 2 page papers, APA format, 6th edition, 3 references within 5 years).• Edit it to WebQuestAssessment tab.


The subject of nurse-patient ratio is a major concern for safe staffing, for both nurses and patients(Mason, 2015). Even so, setting the appropriate staffing ration depends on not only legislative sessions but also inclusion of other healthcare stakeholders. For instance, the American Nursing Association recommends that safe staffing decisions should comprise of at least 55 percent direct care nurses (Carlson, 2017). While legislators push through policies on patient safety through safe staffing, nurses remain with the sole responsibility of policy implementation, and should therefore, be engaged.
Staffing is done for quality and safe care. The Patient Protection Act, also known as the Senate Bill 55, establishes a minimum ration of direct-care RNs to patients in hospitals. It also prohibits punitive actions by health institutions against RNs who fail to adhere to policies contrary to the bill (Carlson, 2017). Accordingly, this ensures that nurses are not driven out of the profession, and thus resolving the issue of understaffing. Moreover, the bill sets out nurse-to-patient ratios to ensure quality and safe care as follows:
-1905010204451:1 For a patient in an operating room, a patient receiving conscious sedation, a patient in a trauma or critical care unit, unstable newborns, and patients requiring resuscitation;1:2 in intensive care;1:3 in pediatric units and for pregnant women who are not in active labor;1:4 in medical-surgical and psychiatric units; and1:5 in rehabilitation units, skilled nursing, and well-baby nurseries (Buppert, 2017).
The federal government has also presented a detailed proposal for its RNs (Image 1).This ensures that healthcare achieves positive quality and safety outcomes by assigning nurses a specific number of patients they can safely care for.
Indeed, hospitals strive to develop and test ways to fine-tune their nursing staffing to patient needs by implementing the Senate Bill 55. However, some hospi

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